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the Pocket Chemist organic chemistry molecule stencil
the Pocket Chemist organic chemistry molecule stencil drawing tool
The Pocket Chemist periodic table reference and wallet ruler
The Pocket Chemist chemistry homework helper
The Pocket Chemist chemistry equation reference card
the pocket chemist molecule stencil front
the pocket chemist wallet sized ruler
the pocket chemist chair conformation stencil

The Pocket Chemist - Wallet Sized Chemistry Stencil, Ruler and Unit Conversion Reference

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A chemistry molecule stencil and textbook reference that fits in your pocket.

Sketch immaculate reactions with the benzene ring, boat and chair conformation stencils. Turn in professional-looking chemistry homework and focus on the reaction, not how to draw it.

Use the straight edge and angle measurement tool for getting bonding angles just right. Flip it over for chemistry unit conversions, fundamental equations and the most-used physical constants!

This laser-cut and laser-engraved 0.5 mm enamel-coated stainless steel card fits any normal credit card or ID slot and is built for a lifetime of use and abuse.


1) Stencils for cyclohexane, benzene ring, cyclopropane, cyclobutane, cyclopentane and a carbon chain.

2) Stencils for chair conformation and boat conformation.

3) Angle measurement for precise bond angle drawings.

4) Imperial and metric straight-edge to 85 mm.

5) Arc and circle drawing tools to every 1/8th inch or 5 mm radius increment.

6) Full periodic table with atomic number reference in each period (row) plus a reference Krypton electron configuration.

7) 10 physical constants in chemistry including the molar gas constant in three different unit forms.

8) 11 fundamental chemistry equations.

9) Temperature, mass and pressure conversions.

10) Six important metric order of magnitude prefixes.

11) 42 digits of Pi. Just for fun.

12) Phone stand slot (insert another sturdy credit card).

13) QR code which will link to rotating monthly Easter-eggs on a hidden GLG page.

14) Fits any normal credit card or ID holder.

15) TSA compliant and more compact than a standard 6" engineering scale ruler.

Makes for a perfect unique gift for chemists, chemistry students or chemistry teachers!

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