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Academic writing gift box for professors and grad students
academic writing gift box for research proposals and PhD thesis
practical guide to academic writing in STEM gift box
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee for Research Writing Focus
Productivity Planner for academic writing
The Productivity Planner for academic and science writing
The Productivity Planner for academic and science writing
The Productivity Planner for academic and science writing
Moleskine notebook for research notes writing
Moleskine notebook gel pen for research notes
Muji gel pens for research writing notes
wood handle wine and beer bottle opener for academic writing

"The Prolific Genius" Gift Box for Academic and Science Writing

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Kickstart the writing process and finally get your best ideas onto the page.

Filled with our most-loved writing tools focused on a steady, iterative and structured writing process to turn your pent-up writing anxiety into measured successes. The price of each box is less than one would pay to order each item individually when tax and individual shipping costs are accounted for (not to mention your valuable time!).

Perfect as a self care package, a PhD graduation gift or as an elevated and thoughtful gift to a colleague with a looming deadline on their next proposal or journal submission.

"The best time to give a meaningful gift is when they are least expecting it." - John Ruhlin, author of "Giftology"

How To Write A Lot - A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing (2nd Edition)
A humorous, brutally honest and straightforward short read to change your life by changing your writing habits. Paul Silvia deconstructs our internal excuses for not writing while convincing you to write in structured sessions during normal working hours instead of binge-writing on your nights and weekends.
He provides practical strategies to motivate students, professors, researchers, and other academics to become better and more prolific writers. 
The Productivity Planner
Plan on getting the right work done every day. This 6-month planner is incredibly well-suited to tackling a large and ambiguous project (i.e. proposal or thesis writing). Each day you lay out the MIT (most important task), secondary tasks and the estimated time to complete each one. At the end of the day, you reflect on your productivity that day and any unforeseen distractions. The planner also includes weekly planning and weekly review pages with motivational quotes and expert guidance. The early pages include best practices for timed Pomodoro focus sessions, prioritizing MITs and filtering out things that make you feel productive but aren't bringing you closer to success.
Moleskine Classic Hardcover Notebook
The world-recognized classic writer's companion that has stood the test of time. Choose from a red or black hardcover 5"x8" notebook with 240 lined blank pages. Includes a patented Moleskine gel ink pen with a flat cover clip for writing on the go. The ideal size for jotting notes, ideas, outlines or inspirations when away from your word processor.
Muji Japanese Smooth Refillable Gel Ink Pens
An enjoyable writing experience starts with enjoyable pens. Japanese-crafted Muji pens are world-renowned for their smooth, precise and reliable ink deposition. You should think of it as idea deposition. Use with The Productivity Planner or Moleskine for planning, organizing and executing your writing process. Includes one blue and one black 0.5mm gel ink pen.
Four Sigmatic Stimulating Mushroom Coffee Packets
Stimulating energy without the coffee jitters. These innovative antioxidant-packed instant coffee blends contain half the caffeine as normal coffee but have gained diehard fans from the mushroom and plant-based compounds they say provide more steady, balanced energy and focus. Try them for yourself to test out their claims. Contains one each of the Lion's Mane (for creativity), Cordyceps (for steady energy) and Adaptogen (for calm focus) blends. 
Rosewood and Stainless Steel Professional Waiter Bottle Opener
Wine is the secret weapon of many of the greatest writers. Open your motivational bottle like a professional. Already have one? Keep this one in arm's reach at your favorite writing station. Sturdier than double-armed corkscrews and more elegant than high-tech push-pull openers, this pocket-sized opener creates a moment of zen from the simple act of removing the cork. Also equipped with a beer bottle opener on the back of the stainless steel lever.
$5 Genius Lab Gear Gift Card!

As an additional gift, we'll include a $5 gift card to our store for the recipient! 

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Gift box made from 100% recycled cardboard from EcoEnclose.com and inked with a simple reusable stamp instead of chemically-intensive printing and glossing. Gift box protected during shipping by an outer cardboard box also made from 100% recycled material.