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Microscopy Wall Art

A hidden world exists under the microscope that only a handful of well-trained scientists get to explore. This art collection brings this world to your walls, directly from the scientists who captured the images. 

Art can be created by microscopes of many types and many special techniques. Biological cells can be turned to art with colored and fluorescent stains that the scientist applies like a painter. Crystals can be images with polarized light revealing a stunning canvas of color that depends on the atomic arrangement of each crystal. Scanning electron microscopes can create art with unmatched fine detail and depth of focus on insects, nanomaterials, and unassuming organic particles like pollen. 

These prints are ideal for adding scientific beauty to your laboratory, office, waiting room or living space. 

Every piece of microscopy art sold from this collection supports an independent science artist who has committed to sharing their world under the microscope with the public to improve our understanding of the unseen world we live in. Thank them for their work with your purchase today.
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