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Science 2020 - Supporting Candidates Who Believe in Science

If you want more science-literate candidates forming government policy, you've come to the right place. This is a landing page for our Science 2020 movement. 

Which presidential candidates have the best science record and platforms?

Which candidates believe in climate change and global warming? Who would be the best president for funding basic research? How much does each candidate support the space program? Do the Democratic candidates think we should vaccinate our children?

Join the discussion and debate the candidates' science policies in our Facebook forum: facebook.com/science2020org

Science 2020 Facebook Discussion Group: Science 2020 Facebook group link

Which election candidates are scientists or engineers?

To see which presidential, congressional or local candidates have a science or technology background, visit the 314 Action committee's list of scientists and engineers running for political office.

Also see this list of 11 newly-elected scientists in Congress in 2019.

One word of caution: Just because someone has a science or medical background does not automatically make them a great candidate for scientists. Remember Ben Carson? He is a talented surgeon but his debate performances clearly showed that his decision-making was not grounded in logic, evidence or data. 

Why do we need more scientists in government office?

A strong representation of scientists in public office will lead to better evidence-based public policy decisions that will benefit everyone. Scientists should lead federal research organizations, not businessmen or career politicians. Help us get more scientists into public office by joining the debate and spreading the message with the gear below. 

Are you worried about being political while also a scientist? Read this article from The Atlantic about a study of credibility when scientists become political.

How can I show my support for science-based policies in our government?

Shirts, tote bags and laptop or bumper stickers for supporting science in the 2020 presidential election:

Wear your support for this movement with this gear and help us build grassroots support for scientists and science-literate candidates in public office. When someone asks you about the message, you've just started a valuable dialogue. Be our ambassador and explain why it's important to have science-literate citizens in public office!

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