I'm Voting for Science in 2020 Pin - Demand Science-Based Policies

It's not just a pin. It's a conversation starter.

Do you want more scientists and science-literate politicians making evidence-based decisions on public policy? Express your support for candidates who use logic, reason, data and a scientific consensus.

Demand candidates who understand science and it's impact on society. Become a part of the movement to vote for candidates who respect the impacts of climate change, understand the science of vaccines, can comprehend the importance of space exploration and will emphasize basic research for the benefit of all.

Join our Facebook Group to learn about and debate the science policies of the election candidates!

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Details: 1.25" diameter round metal button with safety pin for attaching to fabric. Free shipping anywhere in the world on all pins | Typically arrives in 5-10 days in the US, 7-14 days internationally. Some exceptions apply.