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L-Glutamine and Beta Alanine 21 Crystal Microscopy science art print
L-Glutamine and Beta Alanine 21 Crystal Microscopy science art print

L-Glutamine and Beta Alanine 21 Crystal Microscopy - Panoramic Canvas Wrap Print

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The microscopic world is full of beauty if one takes the time to look and discover it. Artist and photographer Justin Zoll has spent years freezing and drying mixtures of chemical compounds under a microscope to capture their stunning yet short-lived creations for the rest of us to enjoy.

This vibrant panorama is a crystallized mixture of L-Glutamine and Beta-Alanine. The are both amino acids naturally occurring in the human body and heavily researched as supplements. Beta-Alanine is commonly used as an endurance and performance supplement while L-Glutamine is often prescribed to counter the side effects of cancer chemotherapy, digestive disorders and ADHD. These compounds are known as "body fuel" for performance and recovery and will be a symbol of vitality in your living or work space.

The colors in these prints are not digital creations. They are a natural result from the optical properties of the crystal structures while viewing these microcrystals under polarized light. This ultra-high resolution image was painstakingly stitched together from high-mag images and maintains the printed art standard of 300 dpi even in this 5-foot panorama.

A perfect colorful conversation starter for passionate scientists struggling to find the right art for their home or office. Hang it over your bed, your couch or your desk to add modern art style that is secretly science!

See the dynamic creation of Justin's art in the stunning video below:


Made in USA. Printed on museum-quality textured canvas with no glare or sheen. Wrapped around a 1.25” thick frame to give a visual pop on a flat wall.

Shipped ready to hang in both orientations | Scratch-resistant UV coating to prevent fading | Individually printed with attention to detail | Arrives in 1-2 weeks