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Laboratory Utensil and Tweezer Vertical Organizer/Holder

Laboratory Utensil and Tweezer Vertical Organizer/Holder

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This vertical rack is designed to hold an array of utensils, stir bars, pens, tweezers...anything! It can be fixed to a wall or inside of a fume hood using the screw holes in the top or the command strip slots in the back (not shown). The included stand also locks in place for free-standing use. This will hold up to 10 spatulas, scoops, stir rods, pens in the upper section and seven pairs of tweezers on the bottom rung. The minimal contact between the holder and your tools will minimize contamination and keep them off of your (probably dirty) fume hood lining and from co-mingling in a dry test tube or beaker with other tools. 

 Product Dimensions:

250L x 180W x 20H (mm) without stand

Material: HDPE