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Laboratory Utensil Holster (Pack of 10)

Laboratory Utensil Holster (Pack of 10)

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This 3 cm tall piece is designed to holster a variety of laboratory or workshop utensils upright either free-standing or attached to an elastomer band (included) around a source bottle. The holster is ideal for when you want to keep one utensil for one chemical or powder to reduce worries of cross-contamination, all while saving valuable countertop space and aiding organization. The top openings narrow to a small opening in the bottom for easy cleaning. Made of chemically-inert PTFE to withstand the harshest use conditions.

The holster is custom-designed and pre-tested to fit the following common utensils:

  • 4.7 mm glass stir rod
  • 8 mm wide flat and thin laboratory spatula (x2!)
  • Fisherbrand Spoonula (spatula with wide curved end)
  • Fisherbrand Scoopula (curved/v-shaped long metal scoop)
  • 8 mm simple BIC pen
  • 8 mm handle of Exacto knife
  • Any straight-tipped tweezers
  • Plastic disposable hollow spatula
  • Disposable clear tapered flexible dropper/pipette

Product Dimensions:

30L x 15W x 17W (mm)

Material: PTFE