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Science 2020 Roomy Shoulder Tote Bag - Vintage Natural Cotton


What would happen if a scientist ran for president? How would a logical, skeptical and evidence-based approach to public policy and foreign relations look compared to the current president's behavior? We want to see this happen. We may not get a trained scientist in the White House in 2020 but we can get someone who respects science and the power it holds to improve our country and our world.

The Science 2020 campaign is dedicated to supporting citizens for public office that are trained scientists or have a demonstrated track record of evidence-based policies and support for scientific research. If citizens of all types see this message, they will start paying attention to the science platform of candidates leading to better outcomes for all. Join the movement! Reduce your plastic bag consumption while spreading the message to everyone you see! When they ask you about it, you've just opened up a dialogue to hear their thoughts and explain why we need science-literate citizens running our country.

100% cotton
Boxed corners and flat bottom for extra storage
Arrives in 1.5-2.5 weeks

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