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"The Unstoppable Genius" STEM Gift Box for Scientists and Engineers

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This product is sold out for 2020! However, several of the items are available for individual purchase in our Gifts for Scientists collection

The most meaningful gift for adults and students in STEM ordered in 5 minutes or less.

A collection of best-in-class tools and most-loved accessories for graduate students and STEM researchers. We've done the tedious work for you to search for, test, validate and curate this ensemble into a single elegant gift package. The first gift box by scientists and for scientists, making a perfect graduation gift for any PhD student or young scientist. The price of each box is less than one would pay to order each item individually when tax and shipping costs are accounted for (not to mention your valuable time!).

Want the gift box without the books and dry erase board? Check "The Delighted Genius" Gift Box here. 

"The best time to give a meaningful gift is when they are least expecting it." - John Ruhlin, author of "Giftology"

A wearable conversation starter to spark a dialogue between your research and the public. Join the 2000+ others around the world making science an every-day topic.
Join over 500 scientists around the world sharing the message that anyone can participate in and contribute to science. Our most popular sticker.
#UniqueScientists Sticker:
A powerful movement started in June 2019 to highlight the rich diversity in real scientists and break stereotypes of what a scientist should look like. $2 of this purchase will be donated to UniqueScientists.com.
Stay Curie-ous Sticker: A reminder from the brilliant chemist and physicist Marie Curie that curiosity is the beginning of all great science.
Her STEM Story Sticker: A symbol of the diversity and perspective women bring to the STEM fields created by the podcast Her STEM Story, working to share extraordinary stories and bring more women into the STEM fields. $2 of this purchase will be donated to their non-profit organization. 
The ultimate pocket ruler and drawing utility for scientists and engineers with an entire textbook inside cover laser-engraved into enamel-coated stainless steel the size of a credit card.
Resource guide for graduate students in STEM:
Promote a happy, healthy and productive graduate school and research experience with this modernized collection of resources and support communities. Included as a printed booklet with a link to the PDF version.
Sakura Gelly Roll solvent and water-resistant lab notebook pens:
Japanese-crafted peace of mind that your data and observations are safe. The best pens in the world for protecting written notebook entries from water and solvent-based spills.  This gel ink is archival, waterproof, fade resistant, and chemical proof. Includes one blue and one black pen.
Rocketbook One - Digitally backed-up notebook:
Never lose a page of notes again. Rocketbook is a digital operating system for hand-written notes. Pair with the mobile app to quickly send an image of the sheet to one of 9 pre-set digital destinations including OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or your email address.
Thinkboard X digital-ready adhesive dry erase board:
A white 8"x11" adhesive film turns any unused surface in your lab or office into a brainstorming session and to-do list. Upload and organize notes with your phone just like a Rocketbook page. The most practical dry erase board on the planet. Includes one microfiber erasing cloth and one black Expo marker.
The Five-Minute Journal - Daily goal-setting and gratitude journal:
Start every day focused on what's most important and appreciating the small wins along the way. The most-recommended daily journal for developing resilience and improving mental health through difficult times.  Based on positive psychology research. Why do scientists love gratitude? An excerpt from the introduction: "A 2003 study by Emmons and McCullough found that keeping a daily gratitude journal leads to better sleep, reductions of physical pain, a greater sense of well-being and a better ability to handle change.
High-Power Green Laser Pointer and Presentation Remote:
Command your audience and ensure effective communication of your results. The internet's top-rated laser pointer and presentation tool so you'll be prepared even when the organizers aren't. Ridiculous visibility on the projector screen with hot buttons for next/previous, volume up/down and blank screen. USB and Bluetooth compatible for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. USB-Rechargeable Li ion battery.
$10 Genius Lab Gear Gift Card!

As an additional gift, we'll include a $10 gift card to our store for the recipient! 

Perfect as a gift for a PhD graduation, a new faculty hire, a researcher joining your lab or a going away present for a post-doc!


Free shipping in the US, region-based pricing worldwide. Due to the customized nature of these gifts, lead times may be up to 2 weeks. Contact us directly for custom or bulk orders for your lab or department: info@geniuslabgear.com. Printed message inserts available by request.
Gift box made from 100% recycled cardboard from EcoEnclose.com and inked with a simple reusable stamp instead of chemically-intensive printing and glossing. Gift box protected during shipping by an outer cardboard box.

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