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"The Curie" Women's Cotton Lab Coat Pre-Order


*Not yet available*

Lab coats are holding scientists back, and together we’re going to fix that. By listening to 1000+ scientists, we designed this white 100% cotton women's lab coat to solve these frustrations so that you can finally feel professional, confident, and safe every time you suit up.

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Donate a lab coat?

If you're able, please consider adding a donated lab coat to your order! This helps us reach the goal faster, help scientists sooner, and we'll give these away to science educators and classrooms in need.

This lab coat is made from 100% cotton (including the cuffs) and all-metal snaps, which is accepted in most standard laboratory environments including introductory chemistry and biology lab classes. Please check with your lab safety officer for compatibility.


100% Cotton provides better protection against flames than polyester or poly-cotton mixtures because polyester will melt to your skin and prevent emergency lab coat removal. 100% cotton is not “FR”, “flame-retardant” or “fire-proof”, and will burn slowly if exposed to intense flames. If your lab requires “FR” lab coats, get on our email list for our future release with flame retardant materials.


Most lab coat materials, including 100% cotton, absorb strong acids and may develop holes from exposure. Always wear a neoprene, rubber, or PVC apron and long acid-resistant gloves on top of your lab coat when handling strong acids.

Save on shipping costs by ordering together with your lab.

Shipping in the USA:

Typically $7-$9 for 1 lab coat, about $30 for 10, calculated at checkout.

International shipping:

Available worldwide for $20-$30. Additional taxes and duties may need to be paid to the local customs authorities on delivery.

Adding other items:

Non-preorder items in the same order will be held and shipped with the lab coats. Please make a separate orders if you want your other items right away!

Group orders

Bulk order pricing is not available on the already-discounted pre-order pricing. We accept POs but prefer credit card payments to help finance the manufacturing.

Please visit geniuslabgear.com/grouporders and fill out the form to get started. We will contact you within 48 hours and work with you to get set up as a supplier.


Embroidery options will be offered by email before shipping and will add 1-3 weeks to the delivery date.

  • $10 per coat for two lines of text
  • $5 per coat for institutional logo + $25 one-time setup fee

How does the Pre-Order work?

This pre-order campaign needs to reach 600 total lab coats between the men's and women's styles to go to production, similar to a Kickstarter. That will cover about half of the ~$45,000 up-front manufacturing costs, and we’ll cover the rest. Your lab coat should ship about 5 months after we reach the goal. You can cancel or update your order at any time before we ship. See our pre-order policy page for more details.

Early supporters will save the most:

  • Superfan tier: First 100 lab coats are $42.50
  • Early mover tier: Lab coats 101-200 are $44.99
  • Last chance tier: Lab coats 201-300 are $47.49

7 sold of 300

2% funded

To cover about half of the up-front production cost, we need to reach 300 lab coats pre-ordered by April 18th! This should make them available by mid-Fall semester (October 2023).

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Features that Make research effortless

Hidden Adjustable Belt

Use the stitched-in soft cotton belt to pull the waist in up to 10 inches to fit your figure. The extra fabric folds neatly at your sides so you can look professional and feel confident in your work.

Dedicated utensil Slots

Stay organized and on task with everything right where you need it. The smaller stitched slots help keep your tools from sliding out when you bend or remove your lab coat.

Zippered side vents

Those knobs can't touch you now! We added zippers to the side access vents so you can get to your inner pockets in a pinch without getting snagged by knobs and equipment when you walk.

Interior Phone Pocket

Sized for your phone and high enough that you won't kick it while walking, this dedicated pocket keeps you in touch and on time without exposing it to dangerous contamination.

We like your skin. Let's keep it protected.

Convertible collar

Lay it flat for the classic look and pop that collar when it's time to get down to business. Protect your neck and chest from unexpected splashes and explosions.

Long knit cuffs

Soft rib-knit cotton cuffs gently hug your wrists to keep your skin protected as you reach for those chemicals in the back. Tapered forearm sleeves also help keep your lab coat out of your science.

Quick-release snaps

All-metal snaps that won't melt shut when you've got to get out quick. Whether it's a fire, chemical explosion, or lunch time - no more messing around with unthreading buttons in a hurry.

100% Soft Cotton Twill

A perfect blend of durable, tightly woven, medium-weight twill for protection, finished with softening and stain-release processes perfect for lab coats. It won't melt onto your skin like polyester.