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Help us reinvent the research experience and create labs researchers love to work in. We're developing brand new physical laboratory products, designing laboratory artwork and creating everyday gear for science lovers. Your feedback is critical for the success of this movement and you will be rewarded for your engagement. If you have innovative ideas of your own, please let us know and we can work together to make them a reality! 


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The valuable role of Testers:

• Be a part of our movement to reinvent laboratory spaces around the world toward improving the user experience
• Test new physical products in your lab or everyday life and give feedback for improvement
• Vote and comment on fun designs for laboratory artwork and science advocacy gear
• Bring fresh new ideas for rejuvenating lab spaces for the modern scientist
• Contribute content such as guest blog posts or highlights of your laboratory

Benefits of being a Tester:

• Receive free or heavily discounted physical products before commercial launch
• Discounts on all store items with continued participation and feedback
• Engage with a community of science advocates around the world
• Participate in idea jam sessions via video calls with members around the world
• Eligible for brand ambassador referral program – receive monetary commissions when your referral helps reinvent another lab
• Influence the modernization of the user experience in laboratories

Teamwork makes the dream work. Let's do this!

Current surveys available:

Motivational anti-fatigue standing mats [Reward: $7 off anything now, $20 off this item when it becomes available]

Moleskine pocket notebooks with inspirational quotes [Reward: $5 off anything now, $5 off this item when it becomes available. One respondent will receive the notebook free!]


Upcoming surveys:

Science 2020: Getting more scientists to run for public office [Reward: $5 off anything now, $5 off this item when it becomes available. TWO respondents will receive the shirt free! Respondents will be eligible for monetary commission on sales via a personalized discount code.]

What motivates you? Review several phrases and quotes to motivate and inspire scientists. [Reward: $5 off anything now or $9 off any artwork over $25]

Upcoming product testing:

"The Pocket Scientist" - Five Testers will be mailed this item for testing, for free.

"The Scientist Holster" - Three Testers will be mailed this item for testing, for free.


*Please note, we can't currently offer combined discounts on a single order. We will make the rewards as valuable as possible for our Testers and rewards will grow as the business grows!