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the pocket engineer wallet ruler card and engineering reference
the pocket engineer wallet ruler card and engineering reference back
the pocket engineer photogrammetric pocket ruler on engineering paper
pocket engineer photogrammetric ruler
pocket engineer wallet unit conversion reference
pocket engineer wallet scale ruler

The Pocket Engineer - Wallet Ruler and Conversion Reference

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Your every-day carry engineering scale ruler and pocket reference to save you time, sharpen your drawings and take precise measurements in the field, in your lab, or on your homework.

Packed with features in laser-cut stainless steel the size of your credit card:

  • 26 unit conversions, 7 equations and 10 physical constants to save you time looking up references.
  • Doubles as ruler, arc drawing and angle measurement tool.
  • Photogrammetric ruler to calibrate length and tilt in images when used as a scale in field or lab work.
  • Pipe inner diameter measurement from 0.25"-1.25" and machinist scale with 10-mil resolution.

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