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The "Curie" Women's Cotton Lab Coat (Ships March 2024)


Lab coats are holding scientists back, and together we’re going to fix that. By listening to 1000+ scientists, we designed this white 100% cotton women's lab coat to solve these frustrations so that you can finally feel professional, confident, and safe every time you suit up. See Women's Size Chart Here.

*Expected to ship mid-March 2024. Update or cancel any time.

This lab coat is made from 100% cotton and all-metal snaps, which is accepted in most standard laboratory environments including introductory chemistry and biology lab classes. Please check with your lab safety officer for compatibility.


100% Cotton provides better protection against flames than polyester or poly-cotton mixtures because polyester will melt to your skin and prevent emergency lab coat removal. 100% cotton is not “FR”, “flame-retardant” or “fire-proof”, and will burn slowly if exposed to intense flames. If your lab requires “FR” lab coats, get on our email list for our future release with flame retardant materials.


Most lab coat materials, including 100% cotton, absorb strong acids and may develop holes from exposure. Always wear a neoprene, rubber, or PVC apron and long acid-resistant gloves on top of your lab coat when handling strong acids.

Save on shipping costs by ordering together with your lab.

Shipping in the USA:

Typically $8-$11 for 1 lab coat, about $30 for 10, calculated at checkout.

International shipping:

Available worldwide for $20-$40. Additional taxes and duties may need to be paid to the local customs authorities on delivery.

Adding other items:

Non-preorder items in the same order will be held and shipped with the lab coats. Please make a separate orders if you want your other items right away!

Group orders

Bulk order pricing is available for orders of 10 or more. We accept POs when ordering at least 5 lab coats but prefer credit card payments.

Please visit geniuslabgear.com/grouporders and fill out the form to get started. We will contact you within 48 hours and work with you to get set up as a supplier.

Group orders

Bulk order pricing is available for orders of 10 or more. We accept POs when ordering at least 5 lab coats but prefer credit card payments.

Please visit geniuslabgear.com/grouporders and fill out the form to get started. We will contact you within 48 hours and work with you to get set up as a supplier.


Embroidery options are available after selecting your embroidery type above. Customizations will add 2-4 weeks to the delivery date.

  • $9 per lab coat for up to 3 lines of text
  • $9 per lab coat for institutional logo + $25 one-time setup fee. Logos available for group orders of 10 or more only.
  • We cannot embroider officially licensed university logos

Features that Make research effortless

woman wearing a white 100 percent cotton chemistry lab coat with adjustable belt and back vent

Hidden Adjustable Belt

Use the stitched-in soft cotton belt to pull the waist in up to 8 inches to fit your figure. The extra fabric folds neatly at your sides so you can look professional and feel confident in your work.

Dedicated utensil Slots

Stay organized and on task with everything right where you need it. The smaller stitched slots help keep your tools from sliding out when you bend or remove your lab coat.

scientist hand reaching into zippered side vents of lab coat

Zippered side vents

Those knobs can't touch you now! We added zippers to the side access vents so you can get to your inner pockets in a pinch without getting snagged by knobs and equipment when you walk.

Back pleat for room to reach

This hidden back pleat opens up to two inches when you reach for those precursors in the back of the cabinet so your wrists stay protected and you stay comfy.

You like your skin. Let's keep it protected.

100% Soft Cotton Twill

A proprietary weave of durable, tightly woven, medium-weight cotton twill for protection. Finished with softening and stain-release non-chemical processes perfect for lab coats. It won't melt onto your skin like polyester.

Long knit cuffs

Soft rib-knit cotton cuffs gently hug your wrists to keep your skin protected as you reach for those chemicals in the back. Tapered forearm sleeves also help keep your lab coat out of your science.

Quick-release snaps

All-metal stainless steel snaps that won't melt shut when you've got to get out quickly. Whether it's a fire, chemical explosion, or lunch time - no more messing around with unthreading buttons in a hurry.

Convertible collar

Lay it flat for the classic look and pop that collar when it's time to get down to business. Protect your neck and chest from unexpected splashes and explosions.

Kristen, Chemistry Educator

"As a small woman, lab coats have never fit well. The sleeves are long and get wet, when rolled they get caught, the openings don’t line up with pockets in my attire, and the labs coats are never flattering. The Marie Lab Coat by Genius Lab Gear fixes all those problems with arm cuffs, invisible belts, and sizing that is made for my stature. It’s not only flattering, it’s crisp white and has so many amazing pockets and loops to solve problems I didn’t even realize I had! I can hold all my classroom supplies from small iPads to white board markers and it doesn’t feel clunky and I still look very professional."

Marc, Chemistry Educator

"I love my Louis lab coat. As a high school chemistry teacher I have more than enough pockets to keep track of the pens, stamps, etc is phenomenal. I love the cuffed sleeves and the belt that helps keep me from getting caught on lab tables as I move around the tables. I know the final version will only get better."

Hidden details that matter

lab coat with zippered side vent and pipette holster loop close-up

Built for durability

Extra stitching at key stress points prevents tears and steel pocket zippers from top supplier YKK will help this last and reduce waste.

the louis tagless lab coat neck design by genius lab gear

Easy to hang and Identify

Our tagless design reduces itchy-neck and makes YOUR lab coat easy to identify on the rack. A generous hanger loop prevents it from slipping off.

lab coat shoulder loops for hanging markers and pens

Shoulder-mounted markers

An extra low-profile double-loop lets you keep markers securely on your shoulder for easy access when you don't want them on your chest.

nested hidden phone pocket in scientist lab coat front

Keep your phone isolated

Don't let your phone interact with your contaminated tools. We added a nested front pocket perfectly sized for a phone, OR as a second location for our pocket protectors.

What happens after my order?

You can cancel or modify your order at any time before your lab coat is shipped. However, a large number of cancellations after production is started will put us into a lot of financial debt. Please only pre-order if you fully intend on buying this lab coat. That being said, unexpected changes happen. Read our detailed pre-order policy page here.

That's fine! Put in your current address or the permanent address of a family member. We'll send a reminder to update it before we ship. However, we're not responsible for shipping charges if your address is not updated in time.

Other FAQs

We have detailed size charts to help you choose! Find them in the links above by the product photos.

We publish detailed size charts to make sure you find the right fit the first time. You just need to check it against your own measurements. However, the lab coats can be returned or exchanged if you cover the shipping and restocking cost (usually around $12 total in the USA).

We can take group orders to save on shipping costs and we can accept Purchase Orders for a minimum of 8 lab coats. We will also offer embroidery options before shipping. See our group orders page for more details.

knit cuffs chemistry lab coat hands dancing

Bundle your order to save on shipping

men's white cotton lab coat with pockets holding safety glasses

See the Men's version - "The Louis"

The men's version has all the same features shown above, but with a little wider shoulders and narrower below the hips. Order together with your lab mates to save on shipping costs.

Men's Lab Coat Details
blue, green, and pink leather pocket protectors for scientists wearing lab coats

Bundle for 15% off A Pocket Protector

It's time to bring Pocket Protectors back. We upgraded the thin plastic to stitched faux leather with an inner divider and sized it for the breast pocket of this lab coat. Don't let ink stains ruin your new lab coat!

Shop Pocket Protectors