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Maternity Lab Coat White 100% Cotton

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We're designing a lab coat specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers in research. Every aspect of this lab coat is thoughtfully engineered to let you keep up your amazing research without missing a beat. 

We expect to start a pre-order campaign in Summer 2023 and have the first batch ship in February 2024. Leave your email above to get updates on the pre-order and launch. 

    This maternity lab coat is a part of The Lab Coat Project: a community-lead design effort to create lab coats thoughtfully designed with the user in mind. 

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    Many companies have tried and failed to make a great maternity lab coat. Others don't believe enough demand exists to warrant the effort. We think this needs to happen regardless.

    If you're willing to help test the prototypes, remotely give design feedback, or you're interested in sponsoring this effort, contact us here! We only need to get ~300 pre-orders or about $15,000 in funding to make these available within 6 months!