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Science Stickers for Laptops, Thermos, Notebooks or Bumpers

This collection of science-themed stickers is a perfect inexpensive gift for science lovers from tenured professors to teenagers interested in science. These waterproof, dishwasher-safe vinyl stickers range from general science to chemistry (Marie Curie) to microbiology (Pipette Ninja).

*The stickers below include a donation to a volunteer organization that is furthering an important cause for the future of the STEM fields.*

Our #UniqueScientists sticker supports UniqueScientists.com, which publishes personal stories of Unique Scientists who have overcome adversity, exclusion or oppression from around the world.

Our Science is for Everyone sticker supports The PhDepression project, newly re-branded as The PhD Balance, which is fighting the stigmas of mental health problems in graduate school by sharing stories from those who have experienced it.

Our Her STEM Story sticker supports the Her STEM Story podcast which shares incredible stories of women in STEM overcoming the gender imbalance in technical fields and encourages young girls to pursue careers in STEM.


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