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About Us


Genius Lab Gear's Inspiration, from the founder:

I've never really been satisfied with the laboratories that scientists and engineers work in. They are too often dark, boring, cluttered and uninspiring. I've worked in three different NASA labs, a corporate R&D lab and five different university labs at two different major research universities. Most professors or PIs make little effort to improve the working conditions past “acceptable”. The major supply companies (Fisher Sci, Sigma Aldrich, etc.) sell products designed for the research, not the researcher. Companies like Apple and Google have transformed the company work environment to boost productivity and employee satisfaction with revolutionary office designs and employee experience. Why hasn’t anyone done this with research labs?

Derek Miller, PhD.

Research Scientist


The Company:

It started with an idea of a few simple gadgets to organize a cluttered fume hood and has since blossomed into a team of scientists redefining what a laboratory should look like. We are evaluating manufacturing prototypes of innovative laboratory supplies and expect the first two products to launch this fall. We’re simultaneously creating fun, modern and motivational wrapped canvas art to enliven the barren and pale walls typically covered with old posters in most labs. The next steps are to deconstruct and re-think every common object a researcher uses and engineer a new generation of laboratory supplies specifically for the user experience. We’re bubbling with ideas and need your support to make this happen! If you're interested in being a product tester, please subscribe to our email list and briefly describe yourself and your work environment in an email to geniustesters@geniuslabgear.com