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About Us

Hi, my name is Derek Miller, and I’m the founder of Genius Lab Gear, a small business dedicated to making every day in the lab a little easier by listening to and solving your small daily frustrations in research.

I’ve done research in many types of labs, from academia, to government, to industry, and one common theme has tied them all together: The labs and tools we typically work with are designed for the science, not the scientist. Ignoring the needs of the person creates many little frustrations that can ruin your day, at best, and at worst, can even push people away from scientific research altogether. 

Our world is facing so many problems that we need to solve with science - from climate change, to global pandemics, to the poisoning of our land and oceans - that we can’t afford to lose a single scientist or engineer for the work we have ahead of us. 

I created Genius Lab Gear to solve these daily frustrations and make laboratories a more enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding place to work. 

With your help, we can make science more accessible and keep our smart people doing the research our world needs most. What can you do? I want to hear about the little things that frustrate you and your lab mates. Sign up to our community email list below and reply to the introduction email to tell us about it! I’ll personally read and reply to each one. Let’s do this, together! 

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