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Resources and tools for scientists and engineers in graduate school and research

Start getting excited. We're excited for you. We've collected and organized the best of the best from around the world and the web into one downloadable document. We will continue to improve the content as new resources become available. 

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Resources for scientists and engineers

Table of contents:

  • Tools for excellent research habits, data analysis and science communication
  • Reference managers for writing journal articles and literature reviews: Analytical and Graphing software
  • Tools for making high quality graphics for posters, papers and science imaging contests
  • Training on the visual display of quantitative information:
  • Getting Funding
  • Fellowships for graduate students
  • Fellowship and grant writing tips and resources
  • Mental Health and Well-Being in Grad School and STEM Research
  • Depression, anxiety and self-doubt
  • Daily well-being practices for grad students (Grad self care)
  • Comic relief
  • 11 Instagram accounts you should follow to get perspective on grad school and STEM research
  • Organizational and productivity tools for research, classes and life
  • Software for note-taking and to-do lists
  • Physical notebooks for note-taking and to-do lists
  • STEM Outreach
  • Resources for the transition from student to professional
  • Blog posts from @LifeAfterThePhD
  • Resume/CV writing for graduate students
  • Joining a science or engineering professional society