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Lab Hack: Dry gel masks upright with toast racks

Techniques: Electrophoresis, gel masks

Field(s): Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry

Submitted by: Steve who is doing Specific Protein Investigations in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry for the hospital system covering the Lothian and Edinburgh area of Scotland.

Lab description:  Diagnosing, monitoring and screening for disease in a hospital diagnostic lab including ongoing research to improve and increase the lab’s test repertoire.

Lab Hack:

We use toast racks to let our anti-sera masks dry after washing. They are used to spread anti-sera on various electrophoresis gels. It’s important they aren’t scratched and air-dried so these are ideal to keep them upright and separated.

Find an 8-slot chrome-plated (corrosion resistant) toaster rack on Amazon for about $14 or use the Local UK Supplier Steve purchased this model through.

 Anti-sera gel mask drying upright in toast racks

Metal toaster racks should be fully autoclavable and resistant to cleaning with alcohol and bleach, helping with sterilization and reducing cross-contamination. 

anti-sera protein gel mask drying in toast racks



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