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STEM K-12 Outreach Resources, Lessons and Kits

The list of resources below is collected here to help you begin your own local outreach initiatives. All of these links contain free downloads, some will lead you to paid curriculum lessons and some also contain physical kits or supplies than can be purchased to help perform the lessons. 


The National Science Foundation's curated collection of science lessons from many other organizations. Many, many lessons here but the various options have completely different formats and styles.

The National Science Foundation Digital Library, which is directly searchable with filters for target student age and field of study. Many different sources for lessons offers variety at the cost of consistency.

The National Informal STEM Education Network's kits include free downloadable lessons on Earth & Space, Chemistry, Biology and Nanotechnology!

IEEE's collection of "Try" websites with a solid lesson database focused on each topic in the URL.

The American Ceramic's Society kit and lessons focused on materials science and engineering. 16 excellent lessons with consistent formatting and teacher/student worksheets available for free download to learn the building blocks of all materials, targeted at 7-12th grade.

Science Fair Projects mostly with polymers. This is a comprehensive list but is not well-organized or curated in any way. Spend some time browsing and you'll find something interesting. 


New resources will be added as soon as we find them! If you know of a good resource, please email us at outreach@geniuslabgear.com