The Lab Coat Project - Crowdsourcing an affordable, functional design

I think we can create the best lab coat in the world, together.

Why should we accept ill-fitting, boring, non-functional and potentially unsafe lab coats as the norm when we're spending a large fraction of our lives in them doing invaluable research for the world?

The Lab Coat Project is using a data-driven approach, crowdsourced from STEM researchers like YOU, to design a lab coat at an affordable price that you can look and feel great in.

Why we need this - from the founder

How this lab coat will be different

Why are lab coats white?

A quick Google search will come up with all kinds of answers ranging from cleanliness to status symbols. They are easier to bleach and cheaper to make, but they also limit self-expression and contribute to the perception of inaccessibility of certain professions.

Doctors and others in clinical settings overwhelmingly wear white lab coats out of tradition. Some clinical professions have abandoned white coats altogether because studies have shown they can cause anxiety in patients.

But if you’re a chemist, microbiologist, engineer, or anything non-clinical, you can choose any color you want! Unfortunately, only a few colors like blue and black are easy to find (for now). If you could design your own lab coat, what color would you choose? Let us know below!

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