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Lab Hack: Keep gel holder segments clean and labeled in toothbrush holders

1 min read

Techniques: Electrophoresis

Field(s): Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry

Submitted by: Steve Swanson who is doing Specific Protein Investigations in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry for the hospital system covering the Lothian and Edinburgh area of Scotland.

Lab description:  Diagnosing, monitoring and screening for disease in a hospital diagnostic lab including ongoing research to improve and increase the lab’s test repertoire.

Lab Hack:

We do lots of different electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing in our lab. A1AT phenotyping, CSF Oligoclonal bands, Urine Protein Electrophoresis, Serum and Urine immunofixation all use large gels. ALP isoenzymes, Beta-2 Transferrin and VonWillibrand multimers are on small gels.

These segments allow the different sized gels to fit securely into the staining chamber and the scanning chamber. It’s important they are not interchanged as stain might make the camera scanner dirty. These toothbrush holders serve a lot of functions: keep the segments separate, protect them from damage, make them easy to find and keeps them clean.

Find a 12-pack of colorful plastic toothbrush holders on Amazon for about $8.

gel mask toothbrush holder 

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