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Angled Petri Dish and Cell Culture Plate Holder (2-pack)

Get every last drop of media while eliminating spills, reducing errors, minimizing contamination and keeping your other hand free with this 2-pack of UV-impervious and fully autoclavable Petri dish and microplate stands. We call them "Culture Caddies".


  • Simplified functional design securely holds rectangular well plates, rectangular flasks and round Petri dishes from 60-200 mm wide.
  • 2-pack includes one 30 degree and one 40 degree stand to accommodate different media volumes without spilling over .
  • Angled plates improve ergonomics by preventing the researcher from reaching further into the hood and reducing costly transfer errors with better visibility to the bottom of narrow wells.
  • Not degraded by UV light or diluted sterilizing bleach.
  • Stackable to minimize use of limited bench space.
  • Less than half the price per stand of competitors on major lab supply websites with better chemical stability, smaller footprint and clever design which accommodates more shapes and sizes of culture plates.

Materials and cleaning:

  • Crafted from high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with color-anodized oxide coating for enhanced scratch resistance and chemical protection.
  • Logo is laser-etched. No paint or ink is used. Color will not flake off.
  • Will not degrade under UV irradiation.
  • Safe to clean with full-proof ethanol and 1:10 sterilizing bleach (1-2% sodium hypochlorite). Rinse with water or alcohol after exposure to bleach. Prolonged exposure to concentrated bleach (>2%) will cause color to fade and eventually damage aluminum just like your stainless steel work surfaces.
  • Single-piece construction for maximum sterilization compared to stands with screws and crevices for organics to hide. Simply flip over under UV to sterilize backside.
  • Environmentally-friendly materials used; fully recyclable

Product dimensions:

30 degree (blue) and 40 degree (gold) angle from surface | 100 mm wide | 40 mm gap to hold round plates | 25 mm long front legs | 113 mm long front face 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alvin K.
Angled Petri Dish and Cell Culture Plate Holder

a wonderful product that should be in every lab

Lindsey Fitzsimons
My Best Bench-side Buddy!

I love these plate holders--they are always present on my dissection bench! The best feature of these is their overall versatility--they can be repositioned and placed on their side to accommodate different angles/space demands. The possibilities and applications are endless, they are easy to clean, durable, and honestly....very cool looking!