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13 Best Pi Day Gifts in 2023

5 min read

The 14th of March (3/14) is when we honor everyone's favorite irrational number! The best gifts for celebrating Pi Day are practical yet unique and a little nerdy. Being an engineer and math lover myself, I wanted to assemble what I think are the best gift ideas for Pi Day. This collection will show your favorite pi fan that you understand their love of math and support them in their passions.

This list is a compilation of my favorites from around the internet. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear inventions and some we’re just jealous we didn’t think of first! Some external links in this page are from affiliates, which means that any purchase of the items after clicking the link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid back to Genius Lab Gear at no cost to you. We appreciate your support which allows us to continue inventing and testing the best tools for scientists on the planet!

1. Mathematics Word Magnets

To have some fun, we designed a set of magnetic poetry word magnets specifically for mathematics fans! These make for a funny math-themed gift for the mathematician in your life that they can stick on their filing cabinets or office refrigerator for some laughs on the coffee break.

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2. Pi Pan

We’ll take any reason to eat pie, and with this pi pan it becomes an annual event. Help the smart baker geek in your life enjoy this day to the fullest. It's for folks who enjoy an apple pie, cherry pie, and the irrational pi. It's exactly the same volume as a traditional 9" pie pan!


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3. Pi Socks

These eye-catching, thick, and comfortable socks will help the nerd in your life show off their brainy side while keeping their toes warm! It features a pi symbol and pie pattern on a red background. Everyone will notice these quirky socks, and they're a terrific way to spice up the office, business meetings, or just lounging around the house!


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4. Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

Sir Cumference is a series of entertaining, clever, and innovative medieval fantasy tales set in a rich world of geometrically-themed names and places. Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi is an amusing approach to explain the significance of the mathematical value/symbol pi. It tells a fairy tale about a knight who turns into a dragon after drinking a potion. The Sir Cumference series is strongly recommended for late middle school to high school students who would love to learn more about math in a creative and entertaining story!


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5. Pi Scarf

This pi scarf is the perfect Pi Day gift for the fashionista nerd in your life. It's made of wonderful modal fabric and is silky and comfy to wear. Aside from fashion, it’s a practical gift to help keep them warm in these last few months of spring.


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6. Pi Blanket

This pi blanket is the most irrational math blanket you'll ever see! It's very soft and cuddly, and it's the ideal Pi Day present for your favorite math teacher, professor, or pi fan! This 54" by 64" fleece pi blanket is available in grey and tan colors and has over 4,000 digits of pi with a color shift optical illusion that creates the silhouette of the Greek sign! They can try to memorize the first 4600 digits of pi while trying to sleep with this numerically loaded blanket.


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7. Pi Symbol Lapel Pin

With this pi symbol lapel pin, you can help the math geek in your life wear their love of numbers on their attire. Made from high-quality metal, this pin lends a whimsical touch to outfit, professional attire at conferences, and even everyday wear!


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8. Pi Necktie

The pi necktie is the ideal finishing touch for work or school outfits or even everyday wear, and it gives your favorite pi fan the unique blend of mathematics and fashion that they've been dying for. This unique gift for math geeks has embroidered pi symbols and is made from 100% microfiber. You can be certain that this pi necktie will help them radiate good vibes no matter where they go.


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9. Apple Pi Ornament

Ornaments are a meaningful and budget-friendly gift. It’s pretty, yet practical. This nerdy modern pi ornament, shaped like an apple with a pi symbol in the middle, pays tribute to the most popular irrational number. It's created entirely of recycled paper, which has been layered and hand-painted with acrylics. The ornament has a stylish hook for easy hanging and is sealed with a high gloss finish.


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10. Pi Embroidered Baseball Cap

This pi embroidered baseball cap is the perfect present for a math nerd in your life who enjoys spending time outside. It’s especially helpful for fieldwork or job sites to keep their hair up and give some protection from the sun. The hat is made of poly-cotton with an embroidered pi symbol. It’s simple but would be much appreciated!


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11. How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics

Give this excellent book to the Pi fan in your life to help them celebrate Pi Day! Although How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics isn't truly about baking, it does contain a number of amusing anecdotes that make mathematics seem reasonable and straightforward. It serves as an excellent introduction to both Category Theory and mathematics. The author compares cooking recipes to mathematical equations. It's also a charming method to learn about math topics!


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12. Pi Sign Poster Print First 10,000 digits

This unframed first 10,000 digits of pi poster print combines art and mathematics. It's ideal for a classroom, dorm room, or as a present for a pi fan, teacher, professor, or anyone who appreciates mathematics. This is a fun blend of art and science on heavyweight, acid-free, and long-lasting paper!


Check the price on Amazon.

13. Pi Plate

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for the most effective gift to make your mathematician laugh out loud. This Pi Plate may be used for more than just pie, and guests will know that any food served on it, whether it's vegetables or dessert, will be brain food. Made from microwave and oven-safe glazed stoneware, this plate features the first 100 digits of Pi on the outside lip, which mathematicians will surely appreciate. It's perfect for anyone who likes math, a good chuckle, and pie!


Check the price on Amazon.

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Anything that's practical yet unique and a little nerdy that can help them show their love for mathematics. Here are our favorites:

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