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Atrioventricular Canal - Heart Microscopy by Lindsey Fitzsimons


The biological world has a wealth of information and beauty that can be uncovered by a passionate scientist with the right tools.

This micrograph was captured by cardiovascular scientist Lindsey Avery Fitzsimons (@LAF_in_the_lab on Instagram and Twitter). Lindsey's research focuses on understanding congenital heart disease, the most common birth defect which affects about 1% of all children.

Create a welcoming waiting room, a colorful office or elevate the mood in your laboratory with science art that is both beautiful and informative. This biological science art is a perfect fit for a cardiologist office, family doctor or hospital exam room.

Image caption reads:

Embryonic mouse heart within atrioventricular canal at 10x magnification by Leica confocal microscopy

green-yellow: cell nuclei, red: cardiomyocytes, white: endothelial/endocardial cells

Captured by Lindsey Avery Fitzsimons, @LAF_in_the_lab - details at GeniusLabGear.com/LAF

The science behind the art:

3D/Z-stack at 10X/Zoom Factor 1.00) Confocal microscopy (Leica Microsystems) of a transverse (axial) frozen tissue section of the embryonic mouse heart at embryonic timepoint E12.5 (12.5 days post-fertilization); cross section has been collected at the atrioventricular level, and magnifies the the ventricular myocardium (pumping heart muscles) of the developing heart; green-yellow/DAPI = cell nuclei; white/PECAM-1(CD-31)= endothelial/endocardial cells; red/ Cardiac Troponin-T (cTnT), marker for cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells)

Product Details:

Made in the USA. Printed on museum-quality textured canvas with no glare or sheen. Frames are made from recycled plastic making them solid, durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Pre-installed saw-tooth hangers | Scratch-resistant UV coating to prevent fading | Corner bumpers for level hanging and to protect your wall | Individually printed with attention to detail | Arrives in 1-3 weeks in the USA, 2-5 weeks internationally