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Science Not Silence Einstein Political Quote Sticker

"I do not share your view that the Scientist should observe silence in political matters" - Albert Einstein, 1933

This Einstein quote comes from a letter written to German Physicist Max von Laue in 1933 in response to von Laue's belief that one politically active scientist (like Einstein) hurts the reputation and credibility of the others. Einstein's quote shows that he did not share this sentiment. Einstein observed that politics and science are intertwined whether we like it or not. Scientists must acknowledge this relationship, if not actively participate in it, to maximize the benefits of their research on our civilization.

This sticker reinforces that idea. It brings the discussion front and center and will be an icebreaker for you to explain these ideas to your colleagues. The more that scientists understand politics, the more effective science will be on making lasting positive impacts.

Details: 2.4" vinyl die cut sticker on removable backing. Does not leave residue upon removal. Typically survives the dishwasher on a thermos.

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