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The New Glass Ceiling - Canvas Wrap Print

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Remarkable women are shattering the old glass ceilings that have persisted in STEM fields since their beginning. This stunning print is a composite of two real true-color NASA images. Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson (Ph.D. in Chemistry) floats looking out through the highest "glass ceiling" yet - the Cupola in the International Space Station. Beneath her is Europa, a giant moon of Jupiter with intense geothermal activity, sub-surface oceans and perhaps the best chance of finding life elsewhere in our solar system. This panorama envisions Dr. Caldwell gazing at Europa's surface in a future exploratory mission.

The proverbial "glass ceilings" still exist in many fields and it may take decades to reach full equality in pay and career advancement. Put this on your wall to remind you of how far we've come and how far we can yet still go.


Made in USA. Printed on museum-quality textured canvas with no glare or sheen. Wrapped around a 1.25” thick to give a visual pop on a flat wall.

Shipped ready to hang | Scratch-resistant UV coating to prevent fading | Individually printed with attention to detail | Arrives in 1-2 weeks