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The Pocket Scientist and Chemist Monthly QR Exclusive - November 2019

Thank you for ordering The Pocket Scientist or The Pocket Chemist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

November Discount:

It's time to be thankful for all the things our professors, PIs and fellow researchers do for us. For this month only, you can get 10% off anything in our Gifts for Professors or Gifts for Grad Students collection. You can take this opportunity to treat yo'self or do some pre-Black Friday shopping for a special chemist in your life.

Use the code: THANKS2019 for 10% off a meaningful gift to say thank you. This code is exclusive to you as a current card holder! This code expires at the end of Noevember and can only be used once per customer.

This month's resource all about curling up with a good book (not a textbook)!

When was the last time you read for pleasure? Journal articles don't count. Do something for yourself and grab one of our favorite 11 books to make you a better grad student or researcher. 

These books include tips for more effective writing, ideas for rethinking your data visualizations and guidance for finding better work-life balance in your research. We've personally read and vetted every single one of these and confidently endorse them.

Grab one or two to start and set aside the time to invest in yourself!


November News:


We're expanding our collection Microscopy Wall Art collection through the month! Keep an eye out for new biological fluorescent micrographs of tissues and organs in the human body!


Just for fun:

When you're the only technically-trained person in your family and they start to realize how school has changed you...

Thanksgiving science jokes


Did you miss last month? Check out our archive:

*Note: Discount codes will no longer be active and some links may be broken.

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