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Laboratory Photography Canvas Wrap 3 by Meagan Ankney
laboratory photo art 2 by 2 tiled square canvas

Laboratory Photography Canvas Wrap 3 by Meagan Ankney

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Black and white laboratory photography by scientist Meagan Ankney captures every-day research scenes with an eye for appreciating the objects essential to our research.

This is the sample wheel of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) instrument which allows scientists to measure tiny quantities of metals, in this case for geologic samples. The elements are ionized and this ion beam is separated by isotope mass to determine the age of the sample or identify key geological processes that happened during its history.

The scene comes on a 12x12 inch canvas wrap with white sides and is perfect for tiling 2 to 5 of these on a single wall.

*Sales of this item support the independent Science Photographer Meagan Ankney (@fromlenstolab).


Made in USA. Printed on museum-quality textured canvas with no glare or sheen. Wrapped around a 1.25” thick frame to give a visual pop on a flat wall.

Shipped ready to hang | Scratch-resistant UV coating to prevent fading | Individually printed with attention to detail | Arrives in 1-3 weeks in the USA, 2-5 weeks internationally