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10 Best Chemistry TikTok Accounts of 2022

4 min read

Chemistry connects people. There is chemistry between us when we connect with one other, both literally and scientifically;  sharing a laugh with friends produces a chemical called serotonin. So we took our time scouring the new SciComm happening on TikTok to share with you this well-curated list of our favorite accounts sharing videos about chemistry. We hope this list will feed your passion for chemistry in your free time. From educational to hilarious, this list has it all!

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@geniuslabgear This saved me SO MUCH time. #chemistry #ochem #sciencetok #orgo #TikTokScience #chemistrylover ♬ Level Up - Ciara


Chemical Kim is a compelling scientific education motivational speaker who advocates for science through chemistry demos. Her approach to science education has always been to encourage young science enthusiasts to study their surroundings through experimentation. Now she's using TikTok to share her entertaining science experiments! Take a look at this throwback video of Chemical Kim during a fun chemistry class;



#throwback #chemistryclass #elephantstoothpaste #TikTokScience #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #TikTokProfessor #BeCurious

♬ Quickly Escalating - Clutch


Watching some of @chemclassrules high-quality experiment videos will make you want to try them yourself. Behind @chemclassrules is a chemistry teacher trying to show people some rad science! You'll find a plethora of entertaining experiments to satisfy your scientific appetite. Here’s a cool video from @chemclassrules showing you the reaction between copper and nitric acid! 



nitric acid and copper fountain #allthewayup new spin on an old demo #chemistry #science #chemtok

♬ All The Way Up - Fat Joe & Remy Ma


Learning is easier when it’s fun. That’s why we love watching these entertaining chemistry TikTok videos like this Coke Rocket, created by putting butane inside the bottle of Coke. If you  love watching reactions and experiments, this is the best account for you on this list! Just be careful doing these at home and make sure to wear proper protective equipment, OK?


@coolchemistryguy Reply to @ericstephenson5 How to Make Coke Rockets🔥 Try it! Just be careful!❤️ #TikTokPartner #LearnOnTikTok #Science #CoolChemistryGuy #Space ♬ original sound - coolchemistryguy


Scott Franklin or better known as @franklinchemistry on TikTok is a New Zealand based self-proclaimed mad scientist/chemistry educator. His content is entirely about chemistry, and it conveys science's excitement and imagination. He even created a Chemis-tree (his chemistry version of the Christmas tree) made of flasks, colorful chemicals, and clamps! Check out the video below:



Chemist-tree! 🎄#science #chemistry #experiment #12DaysOfXmas

♬ Xmas Remix - Remix


Do you know much about DNA or have you ever seen the actual molecule? How about the DNA of a strawberry? Got you curious, right? Well, check out this video from Phillip Cook, the man behind @chemteacherphil on TikTok with more than 3 million followers. Phillip Cook is described as “TikTok’s Favorite Chemistry Teacher”, with his entertaining personality, he makes learning chemistry so much fun.



I was going to become a polymer chemist, but the work was too repetitive. #learnontiktok

♬ Oblivion - Grimes


Melissa Maribel is  your every-day chemistry teacher but on TikTok. If you're taking Chemistry in high school or college, she can help you learn what you need to know to pass! You can discover video tutorials on all of the important ideas in Chemistry on her TikTok account, from significant figures to conversions and more, Including this one below where she teaches you about oxidation number rules.



Finding oxidation numbers rule 2 #chem #chemistry #tiktokpartner #summerclasses #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - Melissa Maribel


Another fun science TikTok account is Techience sharing videos of chemistry experiments and entertaining facts like this one about Neon, the 2nd noble gas. Feed your hungry mind with science by checking out his account. 



I built two mini Tesla coils for the sole reason of making sure my neon was actually neon lol #neon #tesla #chemistry

♬ original sound - Chemistry Science Techience


If you want to watch humorous videos about chemistry, check out @c_kurowski' on TikTok. Chris Kurowski is the man behind the entertaining account. He's a chemistry teacher who uses TikTok to broadcast hilarious lab class moments, such as the one below.



Welcome to titration TikTok... which one are YOU? Let's see if this is as relatable as my last titration video. #bruh #chemistry #titration #teacher

♬ Bruh girls - Adam🇵🇸


Darrion Nguyen (a.k.a. lab_shenanigans) makes hilarious yet easy-to-understand science content. He applies his biochemistry background as a science influencer to generate engaging and informative science content for students, professionals, and anyone who’s ever worked in a lab. This one is a little more general or life-science related, but definitely worth including on this list!



and that’s on fermentation 💦

♬ Original Sound - Unknown


Social media can be distracting for students, but that doesn't mean that you can't use effectively. Following a chemist like Tamara on TikTok can help you  learn more wonderful chemistry. She has a ton of videos on various chemistry topics that you may not be aware of and she also shares some tips on how to become a better student. 



Reply to @dlgraham906 Check it out!#explainthis #whatisthat #mercury #chemistryfact #coolchemistry #chemiste #sciencefact #circuit

♬ Emotional (Instrumental) - BLVKSHP

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