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15 Best Gifts for Mathematicians (in 2024)

8 min read

It can take some time to find the right gift for a Mathematician. They tend to want things that are practical yet unique and a little nerdy. Being an engineer and math lover myself, I wanted to assemble what I think are the best gift ideas for a math major or mathematician. This collection will show them that you understand their love of math and support them in their passions. 

This list is a compilation of my favorites from around the internet. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear inventions and some we’re just jealous we didn’t think of first! Some external links in this page are from affiliates, which means that any purchase of the items after clicking the link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid back to Genius Lab Gear at no cost to you. We appreciate your support which allows us to continue inventing and testing the best tools for scientists on the planet!

1. Pi Plate

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for the most effective gift to make your mathematician laugh out loud. This Pi Plate may be used for more than just pie, and guests will know that any food served on it, whether it's vegetables or dessert, will be brain food. Made from microwave and oven-safe glazed stoneware, this plate features the first 100 digits of Pi on the outside lip, which mathematicians will surely appreciate. It's perfect for anyone who likes math, a good chuckle, and pie!


Check the price on Amazon.

2. Mathematics Word Magnets

To have some fun, we designed a set of magnetic poetry word magnets specifically for mathematics fans! These make for a funny math-themed gift for the mathematician in your life that they can stick on their filing cabinets or office refrigerator for some laughs on the coffee break.

Also now available on Amazon.



3. The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations

The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations is a clever collection of puzzles and mathematical curiosities written in the Soviet Union in the 1970s that would thrill anyone interested in math. There's a range of problems at all levels in this puzzle book, rooted in math but often described as a story. Some of them necessitate imagination, while others necessitate sheer calculation.


Check the price on Amazon.

4. Mathematics Infinity Scarf

Women in mathematics love to geek out over math fashion like this mathematics-themed infinity scarf. This lovely scarf allows the math enthusiast in your life to flaunt their passion with a simple and tasteful accessory.


Check the price on Amazon.

5. Cognitive Surplus Deluxe Pi Mathematics Wax Seal Kit

This meticulously constructed Pi wax seal kit harkens back to simpler times. This one-of-a-kind, vintage gift will definitely appeal to math nerds. It’s an engraved brass stamp mounted on a threaded hardwood handle that may be removed for cleaning or stamp swapping. A wicked stick of wax is included, which will make roughly 8-12 stamps to start out. It lends a touch of class to letters, wedding invitations, and thank you notes. This sealing wax kit is a terrific gift for folks who have everything, and it adds a vintage touch to their stationery.


Check the price on Amazon.

6. Rocketbook Matrix cloud-connected reusable paper notebook

This is my favorite clever invention. It was inevitable. Rocketbook finally solved the problem of merging your hand-written notes into your favorite digital services. You simply use their app to take a photo of your pages of notes and the QR code and marked symbols on each page trigger the app to send the digitized page to any of the 9 pre-set digital destinations you choose. This includes OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and even specific emails. Want a shortcut to send notes via email straight to your colleague or boss? This is what you’re looking for.

The Rocketbook Matrix is my personal favorite because it's designed for more technical work. It's got 30 pages of graphing paper and one regular lined page for taking notes, plus a built-in ruler on the inside cover. Did I mention they are reusable? Use their "Pilot Frixion" pens and then wipe the page with a damp cloth after uploading your notes to use it all over again (and win one for the environment!). 

If it's sold out on their website (it's very popular) - you can also get it on Amazon.


7. Fibonacci Golden Ratio Spiral Necklace

Any mathematician who loves nerdy jewelry will be overjoyed to have the "Golden Ratio" as a necklace! The Golden Ratio is known as the universe's most beautiful number. It’s loved by engineers, architects and mathematicians because it’s pervasive in nature, geometry and even the human body! This is a terrific gift and statement piece for the mathematician in your life, and it's made from environmentally responsible materials!


Check the price on Amazon.

8. Math Equations Novelty Necktie

This mathematics necktie is the ideal finishing touch for a subtle nerdy work outfit, allowing your favorite mathematician to sport the unique blend of math and fashion that they've been dying for. This fun gift for math geeks has math equations and symbols and can be worn for nearly any occasion. Crafted in 100% premium microfiber, you can be certain that this mathematics necktie will integrate well with any outfit.


Check the price on Amazon.

9. Prime Climb Board Game

Many mathematicians enjoy board games, and they make excellent gifts that you can use over and over again to bring people together! People that enjoy math will love strategy games, such as Prime Climb. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to the center of the board in this nerdy board game. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Getting bumped by your opponent back to the start will engage and enrage adult players but it's easy enough for kids to inspire deeper mathematical understanding while mastering arithmetic.


Check the price on Amazon.

10. Pi Earrings

These earrings in the shape of the Pi symbol will resonate with a mathematician and make a funny present. They're unique, adorable, and small enough to wear to work while still looking stylish. They’re made of stainless steel that is lead and nickel free and hypoallergenic. It’s a beautiful gift for a math love who wants to add some subtle nerdiness to their outfit.


Check the price on Amazon.

11. Pi Symbol Cookie Cutter

This Pi-shaped cookie cutter is a must-have gift for a math nerd in your life who also loves to bake. It's made of food-grade stainless steel, so it'll last a long time! Break it out to celebrate Pi Day or the achievements of the math wiz in your life. Now they can bake delicious Pi cookies and share them with other math lovers!


Check the price on Amazon.

12. Graphing Calculator Hard Protective Carrying Case

Calculators are a mathematician’s best friend.. Even though they could, it would be a waste of their time to do it by hand. One of the math geeks’ problems are missing calculators or scattered pens, to help them organize their math tools, this graphing calculator case is the perfect utilitarian gift. For a great finish and protection, this graphing calculator case is composed of the latest ballistic polyester material. It's not only useful for storing calculators, but also for storing USB cables, AC adapters, pens, rulers, and other small items. 

If they don’t have a graphic calculator yet and are going into advanced math, the best and only option to last them a lifetime is the TI-89 graphing calculator, which will also fit in this case.


Check the price on Amazon.

13. Klein Bottle 3D Printed Vase Mathematics Art

Some 'toys' have profound mathematical meaning. They're items to put on a shelf and stare at, contemplate over, and show off to friends. This Klein Bottle 3D Printed Vase is a great example of this. The Klein bottle is a single-sided surface with no defined boundaries and a lot of mystery, a well-known concept among advanced mathematicians. With its open-cut lattice form, this decorative piece emphasizes the mathematical shape even more. This fusion of math and art is manufactured of high-quality PLA plastic, which makes it sturdy, long-lasting, and light. It's a thoughtful present that any mathematician will appreciate.


Check the price on Amazon.

14. Oloid - Desktop Sculpture Influenced by Perfect Mathematical & Geometric Design

The Oloid is a combination desk sculpture, conversation starter, and stress reliever that will relax the mind and impress friends. It's yet another work of mathematical art for your life's favorite mathematician. It's a stunning geometric shape invented in 1929 by mathematician and architect Paul Schatz. This Oloid from Ronin Factory is handcrafted from solid molten stainless steel and will last forever. It’s a design element, a desktop ornament, a coffee table conversation starter, or a therapeutic object to hold during periods of intense concentration!


Check the price on Amazon.

15. Best books for mathematicians to read for pleasure (not textbooks!)

Every mathematician will enjoy a good book, but there are so many to pick from. What about a puzzle book? Is there a well-known math biography? Or something more difficult? It’s important to occasionally break that cycle and dive into a book for pleasure. Below are a few of our favorite math-related books that will be an enjoyable pleasure read for a mathematician.

Adventures of a Mathematician

Anyone interested in Math, Physics, or scientific breakthroughs from the 1930s to the 1980s would enjoy Adventures of a Mathematician. It's a fantastic account of Stanislaw Ulam's life, as well as the lives of many other outstanding thinkers of his period. He was one of the first to push for the use of computers in scientific study, came up with ideas for nuclear propulsion for spacecraft, and contributed to many of today's most difficult mathematical problems. This book definitely deserves time and attention!


Check the price on Amazon.

Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations

Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations is an intriguing primer on a variety of mathematical concepts. It does a fantastic job at illustrating mathematical principles through art. The explanations are very succinct and reasonable in relating art/math details. The colors are vibrant and stunning, and the artwork chosen is diverse and eye-catching, making this a terrific coffee table book.


Check the price on Amazon.

Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World

Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in Real World is a book on how mathematics affects our lives on every level, from the code that runs a website to the equations that allow buildings and bridges to be designed. The book takes us on a journey through moments when math, engineering, and programming have gone horribly wrong, resulting in tragic or occasionally hilarious outcomes. The book examines a wide spectrum of blunders, including bridge collapses, space exploration mishaps, game show cheating, rogue financial algorithms, and much more. This is a book that mathematicians would adore!


Check the price on Amazon.

Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe

Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Universe's Secrets is an excellent calculus book. It's a mix of the history of calculus' creation, applications, and intuitive explanations of its strength, with delightfully intuitive explanations that will either refresh or provide an alternative way of understanding what you've already learned. This book is a must-read for anybody interested in the beauty of mathematics and nature.


Check the price on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What's a good gift for a mathematician?

Anything that's practical, functional or can help them show their love for mathematics. Here are our favorites:

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