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13 Best Gifts for Pharmacy Students in 2023

6 min read

It's hard to know what qualifies as a pharmacy-specific gift, but we've scoured several sources to find the most popular and high-quality gifts for pharmacy students that will definitely win a smile. This list has thirteen unique, lovable items that a pharmacy student will cherish. You won't find punny joke mugs or tacky t-shirts, just great gifts!

Whether it’s a graduation gift, birthday present or Christmas gift, I hope this gift guide helps you finish your gift shopping faster than ever and brings a smile to a pharmacy student’s face. Show them you understand their passion for the pharmacy field and support them when they geek out over your perfect gift.

This list is a compilation of my favorites from around the internet. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear inventions and some we’re just jealous we didn’t think of first! Some external links in this page are from affiliates, which means that any purchase of the items after clicking the link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid back to Genius Lab Gear at no cost to you. We appreciate your support which allows us to continue inventing and testing the best tools for scientists on the planet!

1. The Pocket Chemist - Organic Molecule Stencil and Chemistry Pocket Reference

If you've already spent hours looking for gifts for pharmacy students, you can stop here.


"This would have made my life 10x easier!" - said one chemist during our first Instagram giveaway. The only solvent-proof and wallet-sized organic chemistry stencil available, this little tool will help your favorite pharmacy student draw beautiful drug reactions and save them time referencing important physical constants.

Not sure? It was even featured in the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide from the authority Chemical & Engineering News magazine!

You can also add a custom logo to this for events, networking, or promotional giveaways! Custom orders start at 100 pieces - just email us for more info.

To see how it's used, check the 45-second video below:

Get it with free shipping from our website or on Amazon using the links below!

The Pocket Chemist at Genius Lab Gear

The Pocket Chemist from Amazon

How to use The Pocket Chemist – Full Feature Guide

2. Top 300 Drugs Pharmacology Cards - Portable Flashcards with Box

Pharmacy is unquestionably a difficult field. Students have to learn deep organic chemistry, memorize hundreds of drug reactions and know the fundamentals of biology and mathematics. These pharmacology flashcards of the top 300 drugs will be a mainstay of their studying. This is an excellent way for students to learn and memorize the top 300 most commonly prescribed medications.


Check the price on Amazon

3. Pharmacology (Quick Study Academic)

This is an excellent gift for a pharmacy student to keep information fresh and is super handy when they forget or need to look something up. Rather than sifting through thousands of pages, they just skim through this and refresh their memory. This guide gives a textbook's worth of information in only 6 pages!


Check the price on Amazon

4. 4 Pair Funny Capsule and Pill shaped Dangle Earrings

These earrings in the shape of capsules and pills will resonate with a pharmacist and make a funny present. They're one-of-a-kind, adorable, and small enough to wear to school while still looking stylish. They’re made of alloy and wood and have different color combinations to perfectly match the outfit they’re rocking.


Check the price on Amazon

5. Hospital Themed Sticky Notes Booklet

These hospital-themed sticky notes can help your favorite pharmacy student organize their daily responsibilities and to-dos at home or in school. These notes are a fun addition to any stationery collection.


Check the price on Amazon

6. Merry Poppin’s Over the Hill Funny Quotes in a Capsule

Stress is frequent among students and we’ve been there! Help your pharmacy student out by giving them these funny quotes in a capsule. The bottle contains 150 black and white pills filled with humorous quotes while the 20 silver pills are blank for you to add your own personal message. These pills can be opened every day to get their daily dose of serotonin (a happy chemical)!


Check the price on Amazon

7. Pharmacist Adult Coloring Book: A Snarky, Humorous & Relatable Adult Coloring Book For Pharmacists

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore, in case you didn't know. This pharmacy-themed adult coloring book is a trendy way for pharmacy students to relieve stress, enhance creativity, or simply have fun while studying. It's chock-full of amusing drawings and pharmacist puns that your favorite drug dealer is sure to appreciate. 


Check the price on Amazon

8. Letters to a Young Pharmacist: Sage Advice on Life & Career from Extraordinary Pharmacists

This book is an excellent resource for pharmacy students who are about to graduate. It gives the guidance and encouragement that a new pharmacist requires. These very personal letters, written by 35 outstanding pharmacists, give practical counsel and insight for grabbing or creating opportunities, managing work and family life, avoiding mistakes, and overcoming setbacks.


Check the price on Amazon

9. First Time Pharmacist: Everything you didn’t learn in school or on-the-job training.

Since the first day of pharmacy school, your pharmacy student has dreamed about wearing their first white coat, and now the day has arrived. They’re finally a pharmacist! It can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for new pharmacists to start their first job. This book seeks to teach new pharmacists everything they didn't learn in school, including both professional and personal guidance on dealing with the job's obligations.


Check the price on Amazon

10. Top 300 Drugs Made Easy 2020/2021

Aside from the flashcards mentioned above, this book is another great way to help them learn the top 300 drugs! This provides more information than the flashcards and is made up of 180 color-coded pages that makes it very organized and easy to follow. It's also chock-full of animations and bright colors to keep them engaged in their learning.


Check the price on Amazon

11. Pharmacist Canvas Tote Bag

There is no doubt that a pharmacy student will love a pharmacy-related tote bag. It’s both cute and practical. This canvas pharmacist tote bag is big enough to fit laptops, iPads, phones, books, purses, and cosmetics.  As a bonus, it can also be used as a reusable shopping bag!


Check the price on Amazon

12. Set of Pharmacist Patent Wall Art Prints

These pharmacy patent prints are sure to pique a pharmacy students' interest. Made with premium-grade photo paper, this set of poster wall art prints showcases the patent of different pharmacy-related inventions from the 1800s. The artwork shows a piece of history and is a great addition to any house, lounge, or other place where they wish to display their passion for their profession. 


Check the price on Amazon

13. Set of Mini Pill Shaped Highlighter Pens

This pill-shaped set of highlighter pens are cute, one-of-a-kind, and hilarious, making them a terrific unique gift sure to be noticed. The rainbow of colors help to perfectly organize their notes and help them study more efficiently!


Check the price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a good gift for a pharmacy student?

Any pharmacy student is going through a challenging course load. The most appreciated gift would be The Pocket Chemist, which can help them get through homework faster and turn in spectacularly neat chemical reactions!

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