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7 Best Engineering TikTok Accounts of 2022

3 min read

Watching engineering videos on social media is a great way to pass the time while still learning new things. We’ve assembled this list of the finest TikTok engineering and technology accounts to get you started. We hope this list will feed your passion for engineering in your free time. From educational to hilarious, this list has it all!

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For an engineering and technology enthusiast, Interesting Engineering is a perfect community that brings the latest technological news, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, and interesting engineering projects from around the world. Take a look at this video of a car that can be moved with hand gestures. How cool is that?



#engineering You can speed up, spin around, and move this car using only hand gestures. 🚙 🎥 @kking091

♬ original sound - intengineering


Do you love engineering? Drake Anthony  (a.k.a. styro_pyro on TikTok) is like a mad scientist. His experiments and machines look very dangerous but are beyond cool. His content ranges from butterfly facts to playing with electricity that could instantly kill a human! In the name of science, Drake is willing to risk his life to spread knowledge through science-focused entertainment.



1000 amps of electricity yeets a key 🔥 #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #scienceexperiments #physics #electricity

♬ original sound - Drake Anthony


This amazing video shows a view of a rocket launch from the International Space Station. If you love space and rockets, follow Astro Spaceflight! Join their community of space enthusiasts to keep up with the latest news in space technology! 



Rocket launch seen from the ISS #space #rocket #launch #iss #nasa #usa #station #international #earth credit: NASA/Maryna

♬ original sound - Astro Spaceflight 🚀


If you want to see fascinating technology applied in engineering applications, check out @engineering_everything on TikTok. They provide tons of videos related to engineering that are educational and entertaining. Take a look at this video about the mechanics behind a differential in a car.



The mechanics behind a differential in a car. #engineering #mechanic #viral

♬ original sound - Engineering everything


Matt Oehrlein is the CEO and co-founder of MegaBots and he uses TikTok to share his craziest robot creations! These giant robots were created in 2014 by a group of creative engineers who grew up with enormous battling robots in video games, movies, and comic books. They hope to excite a growing global audience of science fiction and eSport lovers by bringing their dreams of giant robot combat to life.



Imagine bringing one of our #robots 😧 #blacklivesmatter #blm #protest

♬ Childish Gambino - This Is America / Post Malone - Congratulations - carneyval


Pandabionics is a fantastic resource for engineers interested in bionic prosthetic devices. Ryan Saavedra, an electrical engineer, is the brains behind the channel. He was able to design and create prosthetic devices that could benefit people all over the world thanks to his skills in robotics engineering. Here’s Ryan explaining where to begin if you want to get started with robotics:



Reply to @its_rhirhi2 you younglings being interested in engineering is so dam inspiring. #learnontiktok

♬ Joaquin Phoenix Was Here - Synthwave Goose


Everyday Engineering delves into many aspects of civil engineering, such as structural and construction engineering, urban planning, transportation, and sanitation. The channel educates viewers about infrastructure and is ideal for civil engineering fans. Check out their video below about a freeway removal project:



a freeway removal project in new haven, CT #engineering #civilengineering #urbanism #highway #freeway #history #construction #traffic

♬ Lofi Hiphop Chill - naoki osawa

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