13 Best Gifts for Professional Engineers in 2021

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Professional engineers are notoriously difficult to find gifts for. They tend to want things that are practical, functional, and unique. Being an engineer myself, I wanted to assemble what I think are the best gift ideas for professional engineers.

Finding the perfect gift for a professional engineer can be time-consuming, but I hope this gift guide helps you finish your gift shopping faster than ever and brings a smile to an engineer’s face. Show them you understand their passion for engineering and support them when they geek out over your perfect gift.

This list is a compilation of my favorites from around the internet. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear inventions and some we’re just jealous we didn’t think of first! Some external links in this page are from affiliates, which means that any purchase of the items after clicking the link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid back to Genius Lab Gear at no cost to you. We appreciate your support which allows us to continue inventing and testing the best tools for engineers on the planet!

1. The Pocket Engineer: Wallet Ruler and Unit Conversion Reference

The most practical and unique pocket tool for any professional engineer. It’s the size of a typical credit card and packed with functionality and information that a professional engineer will need on a daily basis both in school and on the job. The laser-cut and laser-engraved stainless steel has a thick black enamel coating to prevent scratching and stand up to years of abuse. It’s one of the best inexpensive gadget gifts that any engineer will geek out over. You can order directlythrough our site oron Amazon with the links below.



The Pocket Engineer at Genius Lab Gear

The Pocket Engineer on Amazon

2. Brain Games - The Game - Based on the Emmy Nominated National Geographic Channel TV Series

If you’re looking for a gift that is fun and you love learning, this is it!Brain Games is a fun game that lets you compete with other players in exciting tests of logic, vision, linguistic abilities, and physical coordination. It's perfect for a party or regular family game night while keeping everyone thinking. This is a great gift idea for engineers since it’s interactive and will challenge them to think and work to achieve a goal, which is something that engineers genuinely love doing.


Check the price onAmazon.

3. Funny Engineering-themed Word Magnets

We recently launched a full line ofscience and engineering-themed word magnets and of course madea set specifically for engineers! Each specialty pack comes with 144 tiles carefully designed by a PhD in that field for technical accuracy and tacit absurdity. These make for a funny engineer gift for the lab or office that lets them express their technical side but isn't work-oriented.


You can also bundle it from our site with our newest "Engineering is for Everyone" sticker andThe Pocket Engineer above!

4. Mechanical 3D Safe

Are you looking for something different that can be a creative outlet? This challengingmechanical safe kit will take their mind off work while exercising that problem-solving muscle. Perfect for all types of engineers, this kit is made out entirely of wood and doesn’t require any glue to assemble. It’s also a great gift for adults to work on with kids to engage them in STEM-style learning and let the budding young engineer keep the safe to store their most precious belongings.


Check the price onAmazon.

5. Circuit Board Coasters

So you think using a coaster for your drinks is too geeky? TheseCircuit Board Coasters will prove you wrong. Colorful and detailed circuit board coasters aren’t just made for decoration - they were actually a component of real computers in the past. Each coaster is an environmentally-friendly up-cycled product. It’s an excellent addition to their man cave or work space to include a little bit of computer or electrical engineering design. You can also pair thesecircuit board coasters withcircuit board-designed socks for an electrical-themed gift! 


Check the price onAmazon.

6. Wind & Weather Galileo Thermometer

This amazing instrument was inspired from an invention by Galileo back in the 16th century. AGalileo thermometer is made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and several glass vessels of different density. As the liquid within the colorful weights changes temperature their density changes allowing the weights to rise or fall. A fun desk gift for professional engineers that combines old and new technology with engineering principles.


Check the price onAmazon.

7. ROKR 3D Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Puzzle

Challenge the clever, mechanical-minded professional engineer on your list with this3D wooden mechanical pendulum clock puzzle. Send them back to the industrial age and make them spend hours building and solving this unique wooden clock puzzle by hand. The end result is a wall-worthy clock that uses a pendulum to show the time.


Check the price onAmazon.

8. Engineer’s Black Book

If you’re looking for a useful and practical gift for a professional engineer that they can use at work, then thisengineer’s black book is the one you’re looking for. Thisultimate reference handbook is packed with up-to-date, useful, practical and hard to find engineering information. Within the book lies a ton of data sheets, formulas, reference tables, and charts. It’s also written in both English and metric measurements so it’ll save them lots of time on manual conversions.


Check the price onAmazon.

9. Nikola Tesla Wall Art Patent Prints

Nikola Tesla was a well-known electrical engineer and greatly contributed to science with his inventions. He continues to inspire engineers all over the world, especially those in physics and electronics. One of his most popular creations was the “Tesla Coil”, which is still used in radio technology. Now you can give his creations to your engineer loved ones with these high-quality patent prints!


Check the price onAmazon.

10. Engineers: From the Great Pyramids to the Pioneers of Space Travel

Engineering is a major force that shapes our society. Engineers don't simply deal with machines, designs, and electronics; they also use math and science to influence our society and enhance the way we live and work.Engineers: From the Great Pyramids to the Pioneers of Space Travel tells the story of engineers with brilliant minds all over the world through ancient times to modern spaceflight. This book will bring joy to any professional engineer and let them learn the history of their field. 


Check the price onAmazon.

11. Cognitive Surplus Engineering Notebook

This engineering-themed notebook from the wonderful designers at Cognitive Surplus is an excellent gift that they can use daily at work. The hardcover engineering design adds some subtle style to their normally utilitarian work gear. The hardcover is also waterproof so no worries about spilling coffee all over it! Did we mention that it’s made from 100% recycled material?! 


It’s a very popular gift in the STEM community so check them out onAmazon.

12. Da Vinci’s Construction Model Kit

Another magnificent engineer from the past is Leonardo Da Vinci. During his time, he created thousands of mechanical drawings that dealt with flight, manufacturing, and war. He spent 17 years as a military engineer working and designing war instruments such as tanks, catapults, submarines, archery machine guns, and other weapons. Luckily, National Geographic has created thisconstruction model kit of Da Vinci’s popular war instruments to let an engineer build what Da Vinci has created! 


Check the price onAmazon.

13. 14-in-1 Multi-Tool Folding Plier

Every professional engineer needs a handy set of tools for small repair tasks. Thispocket-sized multi-tool is a practical and useful gift that you can’t go wrong with. It features easy access to different tools such as a saw, knife, can opener, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and many more!


Check the price onAmazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best gift for a professional engineer?

Anything that's practical, functional or can help them show their love for engineering. Here are our favorites:

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