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9 Unique pieces of molecule jewelry and chemistry apparel

2 min read

This blog post was written in collaboration with Simon, Minister of Chemistry at ministryofchemistry.com and founder of the Molecule Store - the best place to buy molecule & science jewelry and t-shirts!

What is the Molecule Store? 

They are designing and producing meaningful science & molecule jewelry and apparel with two main goals:

  1. Better science education and outreach for disadvantaged children
  2. Spreading science through thoughtful science & chemistry products

Better Science Education and Outreach for Children

For the first goal the Molecule Store Team is working with a great charity called CO-OPERAID which brings education to children and youth in under-developed regions in Asia and Africa. For every purchase on the Molecule Store they donate $1 USD to this charity. See their blog post about the donation and recap for 2021.

Molecular jewelry and chemistry apparel

Nothing shows what a company does better than a list of their most popular products. So without further ado: here are our 8 favorite chemistry & science products from the Molecule Store. If you're a chemistry nerd, you will love these:

1. Serotonin + Dopamine Molecule Ring

Everybody needs these neurotransmitters so they've combined them into one ring. Basically molecular motivation and happiness to go. 

serotonin dopamine ring

2. Periodic Table Clock

A must have for any chemistry lab or nerdy home. A wall clock with elements and their corresponding atomic numbers for hours.

molecule clock

3. Periodic Table Leggings

One of the best selling items at the Molecule Store are their periodic table yoga leggings. They come in both a women's version and men's version.

periodic table leggins


4. Caffeine Molecule Mug 

A classic geeky accessory is the caffeine molecule mug. One side features a big caffeine molecule, the other side a legit label with chemical information. Get caffeinated in style! Pro tip: never let this mug out of your sight in the office or the lab, or else it will vanish mysteriously!

5. Mix and Match Molecule Ear Climbers

These are the Molecule Store's best selling molecule earrings, and we are certain you will love them too! A minimal and beautiful molecular statement. There are many cute molecules to mix and match: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and DNA.

serotonin earrings

A really beautiful statement of happiness in molecular form 🙂 They are the perfect gift for any chemistry or science nerd.

6. Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a beautiful periodic table print. An icon of chemistry. What more is there to say but to wash this t-shirt periodically?

periodic table t-shirt

7. DNA Ring and or Necklace

Biology in its most stunning form: the DNA. Turned into plasmid to form a natural ring. Very nerdy but also highly fashionable.

8. Molecule T-Shirts

Last but not least the products with which everything started at the Molecule Store: Molecule T-Shirts. Complete with chemical labels and a big molecule on the front.

The fan favorites are the very colorful LSD and the psilocybin molecule t-shirts.

Because the Molecule Store is making all their products on demand (to reduce waste and shipping distances), if you don't find your desired molecule or science jewelry or t-shirt, simply write them and they will make it happen!

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