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The Pocket Scientist and Chemist Monthly QR Exclusive - January 2020

Thank you for ordering The Pocket Scientist or The Pocket Chemist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

January Discount:

The cold winter has many of us stuck in a stuffy lab or office. How about some Science Art to bring some color or motivation to your work space? Every sale from our Science and Lab Art collection supports an independent "sci-artist" who has contributed their work to help beautify laboratories with natural yet technical art!

Use the code: 10OFFSCIART for 10% off! This code is exclusive to you as a current card holder! This code expires at the end of January and can only be used once per customer.



This month's resource is on science and engineering outreach!

There's nothing quite like seeing the joy and wonder on a young student's face when you wow them with a science experiment. These moments can completely change their life by sparking their curiosity and imagination. Check out the links in our Outreach Resources page for ideas on engaging your local community in the wonderful world of science!


January News:

We're launching our first original laboratory product! It was born from observing researchers in the local Raleigh-Durham area fumbling over Petri dishes filled with cells and media, often spilling it and propping it up onto hotplates and or random lab items. We think we've solved this problem with an affordable, sturdy and minimalist product!


Just for fun:

Remember: It's OK to actually take a holiday on the holidays. It's not just a day to get research done without pesky undergrads!

Grad students research joke


Did you miss last month? Check out our archive:

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