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The Pocket Scientist and Chemist Monthly QR Exclusive - December 2019

Thank you for ordering The Pocket Scientist or The Pocket Chemist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

December Discount:

It's officially the gift-giving season. To help you blow away your favorite scientist, we're giving a rare $10 discount on our Unstoppable Genius STEM Gift Box and Prolific Genius Gift Box for Academic Writing.

Use the code: GIFTS2019 for $10 off! This code is exclusive to you as a current card holder! This code expires at the end of December and can only be used once per customer.

STEM Gift box 


This month's resource is our favorite Instagram accounts for scientists and researchers!

Social media can be a mess and a huge distraction. To cut through the clutter and get you straight to the accounts that can make a difference in your life, we've collected our favorites below. Many of these have Twitter accounts of the same handles. Follow those that interest you and get involved in this growing community!

@Academeology: Hugely supportive and welcoming account pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly of academia while starting dialogue around these issues

@PhD_Balance: Small team of grad students bringing to light the mental health issues that are pervasive in academia

@SusannaLHarris: Founder of @PhD_Balance and all-around #realtalk expert. Microbiologist and dog lover.

@Grad_selfcare: Sharing important messages to take care of yourself in even the toughest situations

@HerSTEMStory: Extraordinary stories of women in STEM from around the globe. 60+ podcasts and counting.

@Also_AScientist: Leader of the #UniqueScientists movement collecting amazing stories from unique STEM leaders everywhere.

@seekingscienceblog: A science blog run by four young women in STEM exploring bioscience and #scicomm

@growingthroughgradschool: A new podcast about self-care and personal growth in grad school.

@thisisgradschoolpod: Another new podcast “for grad students, by grad students”. They are just getting started so give them your support and feedback!

@thescicommunity: A strong community of science communicators (“#scicomm”)

@lab_shenanigans: Hilarious lab-related science posts for a good laugh between experiments

@stories.of.a.scientist: Professional #scicomm’er from Belgium with excellent resources

@sci_phile: Major science communicator of @becausescience


December News:

Check out our new additions to our Microscopy Wall Art collection by cardiovascular scientist Lindsey Fitzsimons! Her epifluorescence confocal micrographs show the structure of the heart in gorgeous microscopic detail. 


Just for fun:

When the holiday struggle hits a little too close to home.

 See this and more comics about research life at The Upturned Microscope


Did you miss last month? Check out our archive:

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