Academia Word Magnets

Include Starter Words

A creative outlet for your life in academia. This word magnet set enables novel jokes, prose and poetry with potential future applications for grad students and professors! This set was carefully designed by PhDs who know the struggle and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves about it. 

Pair this set with our Science basics or specialty field sets to make a unique vocabulary for your experience. Bundle 4 sets to get $5 off and free expedited shipping in the USA! 

    • The 144-tile Starter Set ($3) is required to form sentences. It includes science basics like "experiment", basic pronouns, linking words like "and", "the", and endings like "ed" and "y".

      We recommend 1 starter set per 4 specialty sets. Choose "Yes" above to include a Starter set. Cannot be purchased separately.

    Embrace creative constraints:

    There are 171,476 words in the English language. These science word magnet sets have 144 tiles each. You could just write anything on a dry erase board. Why is this more fun? The power of creative constraints. 

    When you can write anything, the paralysis of choice often leaves you writing nothing. 

    So we've done the hard work for you and chosen words for specific fields in science and academia. All you have to do is arrange them!

    • Express your feelings for the day
    • Leave a funny message for your lab mates or office buddies
    • Take a break and engage your creativity just for fun!