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21 Best Science TikTok Accounts of 2024

by Derek Miller 7 min read

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We took our time scouring the STEM TikTok community to curate this list of our favorite accounts sharing videos about science and engineering. We hope this list will help you find community in the STEM fields and feed your passion for science in your free time. From educational to hilarious, this list has it all!

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Are you curious about the structure of our bodies? Would you like to know how our organs work? Institute of Human Anatomy is for you! With 6.5M followers, they answer questions and share interesting facts about human biology. Have you ever wondered why we have different blood types? Well, watch this. 



Reply to @yolo_yolo_yolo_yolo__ Great job @mpenner03 ! Today’s ? is from @lorraine_ives — endometriosis? #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #bloodtypes #science

♬ original sound - IOHA


When you look at the sky at night, you can see millions of stars and maybe even Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. But what is Jupiter like? Luckily, @astroathens has some fun facts for you about Jupiter below. This is a great account to follow for news, random facts, and stories about space. 



Reply to @januarydinonugget this is fun ask more questions

♬ original sound - astroathens


Learning is easier when it’s fun. That’s why we love watching these entertaining chemistry TikTok videos like this Nitrogen Rocket, created by turning a bottle into a rocket using liquid nitrogen. If you love watching reactions and experiments, check out Cool Chemistry Guy! Just be careful doing these at home and make sure to wear proper protective equipment, OK?


@coolchemistryguy Let’s save our planet by recycling. Take the #BigGreenEnergy challenge and @Huawei ♬ original sound - coolchemistryguy


Another fun science TikTok account is Techience sharing videos of chemistry experiments and entertaining facts like this one about Neon, the 2nd noble gas. Feed your hungry mind with science by checking out his account. 



I built two mini Tesla coils for the sole reason of making sure my neon was actually neon lol #neon #tesla #chemistry

♬ original sound - Chemistry Science Techience


Do you know much about DNA and have you ever seen the actual molecule? How about the DNA of a strawberry? Got you curious, right? Well, check out this video from Phillip Cook, the man behind @chemteacherphil on TikTok with more than 3 million followers. Phillip Cook is described as “TikTok’s Favorite Chemistry Teacher”. With his entertaining personality, he makes learning chemistry so much fun! 



I was going to become a polymer chemist, but the work was too repetitive. #learnontiktok

♬ Oblivion - Grimes


If you find science tricks and experiments entertaining, then you’ll love the videos from @melscience. He’s like your favorite physics teacher! This video makes you think that a candle is burning underwater but it's actually just clever physics! 



Amazing, huh? #melscience #physics #scienceexperiments #diy #sciencetrick #wow #trick

♬ ROBOT - Simen Andreas Knudsen


Ever wonder why planets orbit the sun? Or why moons orbit the planets? The answer lies in the invisible forces of gravity. Dominic has a great little experiment showing you how gravity works below! We’re sure you can find answers to all of your science questions if you follow his TikTok!



HOW GRAVITY WORKS! (My favorite video!) #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #ItsOurHome #science

♬ original sound - Dominic Andre


Neil deGrasse Tyson is a name you probably know. He is known as an astrophysicist who shares endless fun science facts through radio and television like the one below where he explains the “speed” of gravity. Lucky for us he made the move to TikTok so check out his account! 



Reply to @thyhappypanda The speed of gravity #startalk #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

♬ original sound - StarTalk


In math class, we’re sure you’ve learned about π, which is known as Pi. The value of Pi is 3.1415926535897…  and the value literally continues forever. But where did Pi come from? The Physics House has a unique way of explaining the origin of Pi and other science topics by making them entertaining and easy to understand.



🥧 ft. @anthonyrajkovich #pi #physics

♬ Mozart-Piano Concerto No.21-2 - 杭州爱乐乐团


The OG of teaching science in the 90’s is none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy! It seems like Bill isn’t slowing down because he’s now sharing his science on TikTok. Here’s a quirky video from Bill reminding you why you need to wash your hands! 



Friendly reminder to #WashYourHands people(s)! #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

♬ original sound - Bill Nye


Do you love engineering? Drake Anthony  (a.k.a. styro_pyro on TikTok) is like a mad scientist. His experiments and machines look very dangerous but are beyond cool. His content ranges from butterfly facts to playing with electricity that could instantly kill a human! In the name of science, Drake does some crazy demos to spread knowledge through science-focused entertainment.



1000 amps of electricity yeets a key 🔥 #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #scienceexperiments #physics #electricity

♬ original sound - Drake Anthony

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For an engineering and technology enthusiast, Interesting Engineering is a perfect community that brings the latest technological news, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, and interesting engineering projects from around the world. Take a look at this video of a car that can be moved with hand gestures. How cool is that?



#engineering You can speed up, spin around, and move this car using only hand gestures. 🚙 🎥 @kking091

♬ original sound - intengineering


This amazing video shows a view of a rocket launch from the International Space Station. If you love space and rockets, follow Astro Spaceflight! Join their community of space enthusiasts to keep up with the latest news in space technology! 



Rocket launch seen from the ISS #space #rocket #launch #iss #nasa #usa #station #international #earth credit: NASA/Maryna

♬ original sound - Astro Spaceflight 🚀


Want to know a trick on how to multiply quickly without using a calculator? Here’s a tutorial! Math With Miss Chang makes learning math easier with tons of tips and tricks that will help you save time and frustration. Where were these tricks when I was learning math?! 



Who loves a good maths trick?! 🤩 #fyp #foryoupage #learnontiktok #teacherlife #maths #easymaths #education #school #teacher

♬ Sweet Melody - Little Mix


Having a hard time with math? LK Logic is here to help you by answering common math questions and problems. This is a great way to learn while on social media. While you’re here, check out this awesome percentage hack. 


@lklogic #bluetickforlklogic #mathematics #lklogic #foryou #math #tutor #learnontiktok #tiktoktutorial #justfoundout #maths #lifelessons #tipsandtricks ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show


Do you love animals? Jay Brewer’s TikTok @jayprehistoricpets is the right place for you! Jay founded Reptile Zoo and has been around since 1988! His videos pack tons of knowledge about a huge variety of animals including this beautiful rainbow-colored python! 



Wow it doesn’t get much better #🌈 #rainbow #snake #nature

♬ original sound - Jay Brewer


NileRed is a famous science TikTok user with 3.7M followers and has gathered almost 64M likes. The person behind the account is Nigel Braun who loves doing chemistry experiments and sharing them with his millions of followers around the world. Here’s his most popular TikTok video with over 44M views in which he explains what Bromine is. 



Don't get lost in this sauce #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #nilered #science

♬ original sound - NileRed


Engineeringdaily is your daily dose of engineering videos. It’s the perfect channel for you if you love engineering. They share videos about feats of engineering, information on different types of machinery, and people using clever engineering to solve problems like the one below. 



Click the link in my bio if you want to meet new friends!! ⚙️ #engineering #mechanic #foryou

♬ JACKSON - Baby Storme


If you are a programmer then you can relate to the videos by @blondiebytes where she shares her journey as a software engineer. Her videos are also super helpful if you want to start learning coding. 



How to get better at programming in #java #coding #programming #codingtips #codingtiktok #backend #softwaredev #compsci #compscimajor

♬ original sound - blondiebytes


Maggie’s passion is science and she’s eager to learn more about our universe and share it with as many people as she can. She has tons of videos explaining science in a fun way that is both educational and easy to understand. 



Astrobiology lecture 2 (I added some captions for accessibility) Hope y’all like it! #fyp #alwayslearning #science

♬ original sound - Maggie 🥰🐛


Darrion Nguyen (a.k.a. lab_shenanigans) makes hilarious yet easy-to-understand science content. He applies his biochemistry background as a science influencer to generate engaging and informative science content for students, professionals, and anyone who’s ever worked in a lab.



just tryna serologically pipet the house down 💃🏻

♬ Link in bio for full version of this - Alex Chapman


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