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9 Best Biology Blogs of 2021

In this day and age, we’re often glued to our phones and computer screens finding entertainment to procrastinate or pass the time. We often get lost in content that makes us feel as if we’ve done nothing productive. If you find yourself stuck in that situation, look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the best biology blogs that are sure to keep you entertained but also educated on the current trends and breakthroughs in the biology world. All links and necessary details about the blogs can be found as you scroll down. Enjoy!

1.    Science Friday

Their slogan, “Brain fun, for curious people” certainly does not disappoint with stories, videos, and podcasts answering biology questions we never thought we needed answers to. You’re sure to find an article that tickles your fancy. My first pick would be I Dream Of Octopuses, But Do They Dream About Me? You can listen to their weekly updated podcasts Undiscovered and Science Diction and follow them on their Instagram @scifri full of fun facts and trivia.


2.   eLife

If you love staying up-to-date in ecology and cancer biology, then this is your go-to blog. With around ten or more posts uploaded each day, you’re sure to get  your daily fill of what’s new and what’s cool in the biology world. Visit their Twitter @eLife to stay in the loop along with their 76k+ followers.


3.   The Naked Scientists

You are missing out if you haven’t checked out The Naked Scientists’ biology articles and podcast! Contrary to their name, this blog launched by Dr. Chris Smith (@drchrissmith) in 2001 actually dresses up biology concepts into highly-entertaining knowledge-packed pieces that are sure to catch your attention. For starters, you can check out this article about a shrimp-inspired camera that can see cancer cells or follow their creators in their small but welcoming community on Instagram @nakedscientist or their much larger profile on Facebook.


4.    iBiology

Get inspired by iBiology with their posts that not only highlight the findings and discoveries we are used to reading about but also the journey behind them. iBiology prides itself in providing us readers with open access to the thinking process of biology’s leading scientists. Their collection of videos ranges from basic Mendelian Genetics to Professional Development Courses for aspiring professionals.


5.    Amoeba Sisters

Best known for their Youtube channel discussing high school level biology concepts, the Amoeba Sisters voiced by Sarina Peterson and Brianna Rapini have been creating content for their one million subscribers. Their cute and comical but informative videos can break down even the confusing process of DNA replication in terms children can easily understand. They upload a video each month and post the most entertaining mini-comics on their Instagram and Tiktok.


6.    Biomedical Beat Blog

If animated videos are not your cup of tea, you might want to visit the Biomedical Beat Blog by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Here you can find significant biomedical processes explained and illustrated in easily-digestible articles. This blog provides the visual aspect of the “unseen” characters of biology that we often overlook like this article showing the colorful world of cytoskeletons!


7.    Bitesize Bio

Of course, we can’t leave out this blog teaching us the how-to’s of biology. If you’re ever wondering how to start your laboratory journey, this site is perfect for you! Their articles cater to the curious learners who wish to understand how scientists work, to beginners wishing to navigate their way through a biology lab, and even to aspiring researchers wishing to start their own studies. Science can be overwhelming sometimes but the BiteSize Bio community aims to ease the stress. Follow their Instagram page to stay updated on upcoming webinars you might be interested in joining. 


8.    Southern Fried Science

This ad-free blog run by volunteer scientists from all over the world takes us on wonderful marine adventures right at our fingertips. From a single click you can experience walking with baby sea turtles in their hatchling behavioral ecology article to deep sea expeditions to discover giant sardines. You can also stay updated with the latest marine biology news and posts through their Facebook and Twitter pages.


9.    Nuffield Bioethics

We can’t celebrate biological breakthroughs without weighing the ethical issues that come with them. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics brings us this blog to encourage debates and discussion that shed a light on significant world affairs involving biology and bioethics. Even you can weigh in on these matters through their open comment sections. Make sure to stay informed through their Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube pages.


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