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The Pocket Scientist and Chemist Monthly QR Exclusive - June 2020

Thank you for ordering The Pocket Scientist or The Pocket Chemist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

June Discount:

We could all use a little something to brighten our day! So we're giving our cardholders $1 off everything in our Science Stickers Collection! Use discount code "DOLLAROFFSTICKERS" for $1 off each one in your cart!

 science stickers


This month's resource is a free coding course!

Stuck at home this summer and want to make use of your time? Try adding some extra programming skills to your resume by taking a free coding course! There are many temporarily free courses during quarantine, but one of our favorite always-free courses is the MIT Open Courseware class. Enjoy:


June News:

We decided to do a giveaway every week until we're allowed back into our labs to continue our research! 

Giveaways will be announced on our social channels: TwitterInstagram and Facebook (@geniuslabgear).

Follow us here to find out what's up for grabs each week!

Given away so far:

  • Academic writing gift box
  • The Pocket Chemist
  • Science is for Everyone sticker
  • Science sticker pack

Just for fun:

In honor of the SpaceX and NASA collaboration getting a crewed mission back to space from US soil!

 Granlund cartoon: SpaceX launch - Hannibal Courier-Post -


Did you miss last month? Check out our archive:

*Note: Discount codes will no longer be active and some links may be broken.

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