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The Pocket Scientist - Scientific Ruler and Reference

Carry your passion for science in your pocket.

This laser-cut, laser-engraved, 0.5 mm enamel-coated stainless steel scientific pocket ruler is designed for passionate scientists and engineers who may find themselves needing a quick straight edge, wondering what's next to Technetium in the Periodic Table, pausing to double-check the 6th significant figure in the speed of light or who somehow forgot the 42nd digit of pi.

Keep it in your wallet at all times so you're always ready to do some science!


1) Imperial and metric straight-edge to 85 mm with machinist ruler to 10-mil resolution (254 um)

2) 12 physical constants and 14 fundamental equations from physics and chemistry

3) Temperature, mass and pressure unit conversions plus trigonometry quick-reference

4) Arc and circle drawing protractor tools with 1/8th inch or 5 mm resolution

5) Full periodic table with atomic number reference in each period (row)

6) Phone stand slot (insert another sturdy credit card)

7) 42 digits of Pi (because we could)

8) QR code which links to rotating monthly Easter-eggs on a hidden GLG page

9) Fits any normal credit card or ID holder. TSA compliant and more compact than a standard 6" engineering scale ruler.

Makes for a perfect unique gift for scientists starting school or at graduation!


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Yena C.
The best gift for scientists!

Got a Pocket Scientist Card for my STEM major friend as his birthday gift and he absolutely loves it! Thank you Genius Lab Gear!

Christopher M.
Very handy

Very very well made!

Neat item

Like others have said, its well made and designed, and just really cool. I would have made the periodic table a little bigger and the company name a little smaller, but I suppose thats a minor gripe. Still, the table on this one could be bigger, to compensate for the chemist one being smaller. I have all 3 and like them all.

Hagan Hunter
Works Great!

This product works very great for when you need to take a quick measurement or when you forget an equation to accurately solve a problem regarding the electrics of a certain building or vehicle.

Ralf Freiberger

Nice tool! Everyday Carry!

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