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The Pocket Scientist and Chemist Monthly QR Exclusive - October 2020

Thank you for ordering The Pocket Scientist or The Pocket Chemist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

October Discount:

The election season is in full swing and we have just a few of our "I'm Voting For Science in 2020" stickers and pins left! Buy a few for your friends or family by taking advantage of this discount of buy 3, get 1 free! We'll also ship them anywhere in the USA for free with 3-5 day shipping so you have them in time for the election. Use code: SCIENCE2020

vote for science stickers


October Resource:

If you love chemistry or want to learn more about it, we did the heavy lifting to find you the 11 Best Chemistry Podcasts that are active in 2020. These podcasts have a huge range from everyday fun facts to professors talking about new technical advancements.


October News:

We recently hit 1k followers on Twitter and are almost at 2k on Instagram! If you have one of our Pocket Cards and aren't following us, please find us at @geniuslabgear for upcoming sales, new product releases and resources we find in the science-focused social media community!

      Just for fun:

      The reality of our world right now:

      pandemic cartoon


      Did you miss last month? Check out our archive:

      *Note: Discount codes will no longer be active and some links may be broken.

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