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The Pocket Card Monthly QR Exclusive - January 2021

Thank you for ordering The Pocket ScientistThe Pocket Chemist or The Pocket Engineer and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

January Discount:

Did you grab the original Pocket Chemist but weren't able to use it on your exams? We made the Exam Edition for just that! It's a similar layout but with all of the reference text removed so it won't act as a "cheat sheet". The extra space also allowed us to add 3 new stencils for 7- and 8-membered rings plus a circle for benzene shorthand. This month grab the Exam Edition as a gift to yourself or a friend and get $1.50 off! Just add it to your cart and use the code: POCKETEXAM at checkout.


January Resource - Tips for interview season:

As graduation approaches for many of you, prepping for interviews and career fairs may take top priority. We have two blog posts on the subject coming from the angle of our founder, a PhD Engineer who has been involved in hiring dozens of scientists in the last few years. 

First up is 27 ILLEGAL Interview Questions to Know Before Your PhD Job Interview. Essential to make sure you can't be put at a disadvantage due to your race, gender, disabilities or socioeconomic status. 

Then check out 8 PhD Job Interview Questions: What They Ask vs. What They Mean to understand the Jedi mind tricks your more experienced interviews may try to play on you!

Best of luck on your next career moves!

January News:

Honestly we were so busy filling orders through all of December that there wasn't time for much progress elsewhere. We're blown away by all of your support and especially the word-of-mouth endorsements that have helped find new customers. We more than doubled our sales from 2019 (our first year) and have a clear path to at least doubling again this year. All thanks to you!

Coming in 2021:

  • A new Pocket card for that can be used for field work.
  • At least 2 new tools for scientists working in laboratories
  • An initiative to connect more scientists' best lab hacks to help each other!

      Just for fun:

      It's not the dead of winter without some polar bear science jokes. Art by Sebastien Millon

      polarity polar bear cartoon


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