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The Pocket Card Monthly QR Exclusive - June 2020

Thank you for ordering The Pocket ScientistThe Pocket Chemist or The Pocket Engineer and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

June Discount:

The summer is the time to get your gear ready for the academic Fall semester. Every summer we love to run a discount on our stickers so you can deck out your notebooks, thermoses and laptops with some science swag. We're offering $1 off all stickers (as many as you want!) until the end of June using code: DOLLAROFFSTICKERS


June Resource - Getting back on track:

Things are slowly returning to normal and if you're like me you're still feeling a little scattered and unproductive compared to your pre-pandemic self. Below are my three favorite tools you should consider if you could use a little help staying organized and on task. Good luck!

The Productivity Planner: ($25) From the same creators as The Five Minute Journal. Instead of daily gratitude and outlook, this focuses on getting things done on a day-to-day basis. I haven’t personally used this but again it has come highly recommended.

Rocketbook: A truly Genius concept for bridging the gap between handwritten notes and the digital age. The concept is that you write or draw anything you want on the page and then use the companion app to take a picture of each page. The QR code in the corner of the page triggers the app to ask you what you want to do with the page. Pre-set customized “destinations” help you quickly send the note to your email, your cloud storage service or your favorite note-taking app. They have a $32 re-useable notebook (requires special pen) or a $12 140-page paper notebook. The app also integrates with ThinkBoard X (thin adhesive whiteboards) that gives the same functionality to your notes on the wall! I personally use the 11” Thinkboard X at my desk as a dry-erase brainstorm board that I save to Evernote before erasing. Get the 3-pack to put one at home, one at your desk and one in your lab.

The Bullet Journal: ($25) I haven’t personally used this but it’s been highly recommended by many friends. The concept of bullet journaling is open-sourced and doesn’t require you to buy anything, so I’d recommend printing out your own sheets first before buying this journal. The premise is that you learn this shorthand system for “Rapid Logging” to efficiently keep track of all goals and tasks via handwriting. Here is a great list of bullet journal printables for specific aspects of your life!

June News:

We're growing! I just hired two part-time employees to help manage the blog and social media content so I can finally focus back on designing new products. They are both in the STEM fields and are going to kill it in their new roles. If you notice the social media graphics instantly got better, it wasn't me ;) 

        Just for fun:

        Let's hope all the CRISPR scientists and budding geneticists get the spelling right on their grant proposals...


        Science cartoons by Tom Gauld

        CRISPR cartoon


        Also, if you're doing some early shopping for friends or family, check out the new website generousgifter.com!


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        *Note: Discount codes will no longer be active and some links may be broken.

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