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The Pocket Card Monthly QR Exclusive - February 2022

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February Discount:

February just calls for a hot drink on a cold day. We have a few fun mugs that make for an excellent office beverage delivery system. For this month, use code NEEDAMUG for 10% off all ceramic mugs! As always, free shipping in the USA and surprisingly affordable shipping internationally!

world's okayest engineer mug

coffee in thesis out mug


February Resource - Best Physics Blogs:

Physics is my "fun" science. You know, the field you didn't choose but you still love to read about? Google knows I love physics headlines and feeds me news and blog posts from everywhere under the sun. So I put together a list of my favorite physics blogs here for those that share my passion. 

From nuclear fusion progress to rocketry to quantum computing, it's setting up to be an exciting year in physics! 

February News - Crowdsourced data on lab coat design:

In just over 2 months we've collected over 600 responses to the form below to crowdsource the design of the next generation of lab coat. Here are some highlights from the data so far:

  • The top feature request, not surprisingly, is MORE POCKETS (62% of respondents). Pockets for pens/utensils only slightly outweighed pockets for phones and personal items, so we’re going to make sure we add pockets for both.
  • A way to tighten the waist is also a top request (46% of respondents). We have two different ideas on this and will test both before making a decision. Features like this keep it an adjustable-fit, more likely to make people of different body types happy, and lowers the return rate which in turn keeps the cost/price down.

And here are my favorite comments so far: (no context needed!)

  • “I look like a friggin balloon in every lab coat I’ve ever worn.”
  • “We just have a giant cardboard box of men's lab coats. None of them fit. The buttons pop off when I squat or pick something up off the floor. I hate them.”
  • “...the fabric in that whole area is just a hot mess…”
  • “It's just the WORST!”

If you use a lab coat, please take 8 minutes right now to give your advice on what YOU would change about your lab coat!


        Just for fun:

        Always remember to ask good questions before you start the experiment. 


        Science cartoons by Tom Gauld

        de-liquification science cartoon


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