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The Pocket Card Monthly QR Exclusive - October 2021

Thank you for ordering The Pocket ScientistThe Pocket ChemistThe Pocket Engineer  or The Pocket Physicist and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

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October Discount:

Add some SciArt to your lab or office to make it a more fun and inviting place this Fall! Use the code WALLSOFSCIENCE for 15% all of our canvases in our independent artist collective. 

October Resource - Free Career Skills Workshops:

The famed Harvard Business School has a few free short online courses in their collection that can be especially helpful to early-career scientists and those getting close to graduation. These include a 15-minute course on salary negotiation and 35-minute course on resilient leadership. Take an hour to sit back and learn here!

    October News - Quiet month

    September was quiet for GLG because I was busy getting married and going on a honeymoon! It was so much fun and something I had been looking forward to for a long time. Now I'm settling back into normal life and will be extremely focused behind the scenes to move a few key projects forward. Stay tuned!

    Major data update on The Lab Coat Project!

    We're over 975 responses and I couldn't help but peek at the data. "Peek" might be an understatement. I spent an entire weekend pouring through it, reading every single rant and learning how to make queries in Google Docs to parse the data into useful plots. Now, for your viewing enjoyment, those plots are published at the bottom of the main Lab Coat Project page.

    See what's winning in the major design features and what the favorite colors are! We're seeing trends in the fit data but won't publish that until we get well over 1000 responses to ensure they are statistically significant in every size range.

    PLEASE if you know a single scientist or engineer who wears a lab coat and has not taken this survey, we need their voice added! It's only an 8-minute form. Forward this link to them and tell them how awesome this is going to be when everyone contributes. 


          Just for fun:

          Always read the fine print in your work contracts.

          science cartoon
          Science cartoons by Tom Gauld


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