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The Pocket Card Monthly QR Exclusive - November 2023

Thank you for ordering one of our popular STEM Pocket Tools and scanning the QR code to reach this page! This page is exclusively for holders of these cards and will have new content, freebies, resources and discounts every calendar month.

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November Discount: Early access to Black Friday Bundles

Holiday shopping is hard, but for the scientist or engineer in your life we can make it much easier with a gift bundle specifically designed for their field. We have 9 of these pre-made, from Microbiology, Chemistry, and Engineering to more general Academia or Professors, and several others!

For our card holders reading this, we're giving you early access to this discount and we are limiting it to 50 total bundle sales in November. 

When you get the bundle, you're already saving between 20-30% on the items, and for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we're giving an additional 10% discount to get your savings up to 40% off. Just use the code STEMBUNDLES at checkout when you have any "gift bundle" product in your cart!

November Resource - Make your plots more accessible:

Have you ever gotten a question about data in a plot that seemed obvious to you based on the legend? It's possible that the person wasn't able to easily distinguish between the colors you used for each trend line or set of points. Roughly 8% of men have color vision deficiency and can struggle with colors of similar hues. 

Luckily, someone created a nifty free tool to simulate different types of color blindness on plots that you can upload. Upload a plot before publication or presentation to make sure your colors are as different as possible, or to find out which colors should instead be identified by shapes or dashed lines. This process also makes your data easier to decipher in poor print quality or poor lighting for everyone else!

              Just for fun:

              A modern day horror story about skipping the fine print.  

              donated body to science cartoon

              Science cartoons by Tom Gauld

              November behind-the-scenes news:

              In case you missed it, we exceeded our goal for The Lab Coat Project on the very last day thanks to a handful of last-minute orders and one large order of 300 lab coats from Texas A&M's Department of Chemistry! I triggered the fabric manufacturing the next day and the last few weeks have worked with the lab coat manufacturer on all the small details of sourcing, tags, labels, packaging, etc. 

              They are sending us 2 new samples of the intended final design this week. As of now, everything is still on track to ship in late February. I'll add updates on Instagram and a few email updates to those who are subscribed

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